Michael Bisping Says He’s Probably Retired

Michael Bisping has been wrestling with the decision of whether to retire or not for some time, and the latest word from the former middleweight champion is that he is on the verge of hanging up his gloves for good.

Bisping spoke out about his future in response to recent rumors that a fight with Nick Diaz might be in the works – which ‘The Count’ says is false.

“No, I’m not fighting Nick Diaz at all,” Bisping said on his ‘Believe You Me’ podcast. “It’s total bulls**t. I haven’t spoken to the UFC about anything. They haven’t come to me. I’m probably retired, I just haven’t made it official.

“It’s bulls**t. I haven’t heard a single thing. The UFC haven’t reached out, management haven’t reached out, no one has said anything. As I said, I haven’t made my mind up completely but I’m very, very close to retirement.”

Bisping seems to have changed his mind a few times already though, so it would be wise not to consider this to be a done deal.

“I know I’m driving everyone crazy with this. Certainly reporters ask me all the time but I don’t know. If something comes along, great but I need to make my mind up and make that official and move on with the rest of my life or get a fight. I was supposed to fight in London, it never happened. Book me a fight and let’s go. If not, f**k it, let’s move on.“

However, if Bisping was ever tempted to return one last time, it seems that it wouldn’t be at 185lbs.

“Making 185 for the last 10 years has been so hard. Making 185 is not an easy task, not an easy task at all, so if I’m going to fight one more time, it’s gonna be at light heavyweight. Or I’d do a catchweight, maybe at 195 or whatever but making 185 for me is too hard.”

That would probably rule out any possibility of a fight between Bisping and Diaz, but he’s still leaving the door open for it just in case.

“Nick Diaz, if you’re listening and you want to fight again, give me a shout, pal, because I’m down. If you’re willing eat some food and put some pounds on, then let’s do this my brother.”

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