Michael Bisping Tells Conor McGregor To Relax After Rant; McGregor Claims He Was Acting

As we reported earlier this week, Conor McGregor aimed a largely unprovoked rant at Michael Bisping recently, but now it seems he’s backed off from his previous threats.

The latest back-and-forth between the two came when Bisping responded to McGregor’s previous tirade of abuse, which had included warning him that, “I’ll cave your head in,” while also threatening to get his bodyguards to “set him up” in Las Vegas.

“If you watched the show, we were having a laugh,” Bisping said of his initial reaction on his podcast to McGregor’s previous taunts about his acting ability. “It’s a f****** joke, obviously, there was no threats on my end whatsoever. But he kind of flipped a lid, didn’t he? He lost his mind.

“Anyway, Conor, relax buddy. Jesus goddamn Christ. There you go.”

McGregor has since posted a voice note to Bisping claiming that his previous rant was all just an act.

“Hey, Mike, it’s Conor here,” McGregor said in what appeared to be an American accent. “I saw you didn’t understand that I was simply acting. I thought you would’ve known. Brother, all love, my man. God bless the show, God bless the fam, and God bless my man. Oh yeah!”

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