Michael Chandler Predicts He’ll Finish Conor McGregor In 2nd Round At UFC 303

With Michael Chandler’s long awaited fight with Conor McGregor is official for UFC 303 in Las Vegas on June 29th, he’s now given his prediction for how he thinks the fight will play out.

“My Mystic Mike prediction is I finish him in the second round,” Chandler said during a recent Q&A on Instagram. “Get him on his heels in the first round, make him second-guess himself in the first round, make him realize, ‘Dang, I probably should have just stayed rich and stayed out of the fight game.’ And I will start planting those seeds of doubts in the first round. By the end of the first round he will go back to his bench and go back to his corner huffing and puffing and realize that he’s about to meet his demise.

“He’s going to start looking for the exit signs and I’m going to usher him right to it. I might even hold his hand on the way to the exit sign. I might even give him a little tap on the tush on the way outside of the exit signs. That’s the plan. In the second round: KO, TKO or I take his back, and I absolutely steal his soul through his esophagus.”

Chandler also predicted that the UFC 303 headlining fight will prove to be the biggest fight since McGregor’s showdown with Khabib Nurmagomedov back in 2018.

“This is going to be the biggest fight of the last five years,” Chandler said in a recent Instagram Q&A. “This will be the biggest fight since Conor vs. Khabib (Nurmagomedov). I don’t say that because Conor’s opponent is just as big as Khabib, who was the biggest Muslim athlete on the planet, undefeated, championship fight. But there’s something special about this one. On June 29, you have to buy the pay-per-view, and you have to buy the pay-per-view because there’s a chance this is the greatest comeback in combat sports history by the sport’s biggest star. That’s why you have to buy the pay-per-view.

“Or the other option, the more likely option, is I absolutely molly wop this dude and put a beatdown of biblical proportions on him, and this is the last time you ever see Conor McGregor compete inside the octagon. So either way, you have to tune in on June 29. UFC 303 is going to be the most-viewed and the biggest pay-per-view that we have ever seen for a multitude of reasons.”

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