Miles Johns Beats Douglas Silva de Andrade By Decision At UFC On ESPN 58

Miles Johns got the better of Douglas Silva de Andrade on the feet tonight at UFC On ESPN 58 to earn a win on the scorecards.

Round One:

Inside calf kick from Andrade to start the fight. Johns lands a solid calf kick of his own. overhand right lands for Johns.

Left hook gets through for Johns. Inside leg kick from Andrade. Both land a hook at the same time. calf kick for Johns.

Left hand for Andrade as he presses forward. Punch from Johns sends Andrade back on his heels for a moment.

Glancing right hand from Johns. Body kick for Andrade. Johns ducks a punch and then grazes the target with a counter.

Spinning heel kick from Andrade is blocked. High kick attempt from him. Now he’s into the clinch against that cage, but Johns gets free seconds before the round ends.

Round Two:

Inside leg kick for Andrade. Jab for Johns. Calf kick for him. Andrade misses on a step-in uppercut.

Johns ducks under a punch and lands a counter. He misses on an uppercut but lands with the left hand afterwards.

Jab and and a big overhand right for Johns but Andrade takes it well. Johns presses forward and throws an overhand as Andrade works a hook. Johns lands to the body. Andrade attempts a knee and then a spinning kick to the body.

Front kick to the body for Andrade. Push kick for Johns. Low kick for Johns. Body punch from Andrade, but eats a punch for his troubles.

Jab for Johns. Body kick for Andrade. Right hook lands well for Johns and Andrade seemed to buckle just for a moment from that one.

Spinning heel kick attempt from Andrade comes close to getting through and he yells at Johns afterwards.

Round Three:

Jab for Johns. Flurry from Andrade but not much landing there. Overhand right from Johns hurts Andrade but he recovers quickly and fires back.

Johns goes for a takedown attempt, but Andrade fends it of quickly. Overhand right from Andrade grazes the target.

Jab for Johns. Andrade looking for a spinning attack, but can’t line it up as Johns steps off.

Punches from Andrade come off the guard. Uppercut from Johns as Andrade came into range. Calf kick for Johns. Head kick attempt from Andrade.

Ripping body shot from Johns. He lands the jab. Now a glancing left hook. Jumping knee from Andrade lands well and knocks Johns mouthpiece out, but he seems ok and the ref gives him time to put it back in.

Spinning heel kick lands for Andrade. That hurt but Johns survives for now. He’s still a bit unsteady, but decides to go on the offensive anyway and lands punches. Both fighters fired up now and opt to juke it out at close range in the final 10 seconds, with Johns landing a big hook, but Andrade takes it and is pressing forward as the fight ends.


A fun and at times hard-hitting striking battle here then that Johns did seem to be getting the better of it more often than not and he earns himself a unanimous decision (30-27 x3, 29-28).

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