Morgan Charriere KO’s Manolo Zecchini With Body Kicks At UFC Fight Night 226

Morgan Charriere knocked out Monolo Zecchhini with brutal body kicks at UFC Fight Night 226 in Paris.

Round One:

Charriere with a nice jab to start. Zecchini misses with a front kick upstairs. Leg kick for Zecchini. Charriere misses one of his own.

Jab for Charriere. They both exchanges in close for a brief moment. Missed head ick attempt from Zecchini. Zecchini fires off three right hands in a row, but not quite finding the mark.

Charriere with a body punch and Zecchini responds with a flurry to the head. Clipping punch from Charriere. Nice right hand from him. Now a one-two connects.

Zecchini goes for a big head kick but finds himself off-balance afterwrads. Jab for Charriere. Another missed head kick from Zecchini, but less wild this time.

Leg kick for Zecchini. Jab for Charriere. Body kick for him. He steps in and lands another hard one. He goes for it a third time and Zecchini almost catches it but then lets go.

Charriere clearly believes he’s hurt Zecchini to the body so he’s continuing to target it, and sure enough he throws a front kick to the body and Zecchini legs buckle and he sinks to his knees.

Zecchini tries to stand back up immediately, only for Charriere to fires off another kick to the midsection that puts him down again to seal a big KO finish at 3.51mins of the opening round.

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