Nathaniel Wood Defeats Andre Fili By Unanimous Decision At UFC: London

Nathaniel Wood earned unanimous decision victory over Andre Fili in a hard-fought back-and-forth battle tonight at UFC: London.

Round One:

Low kick for Fili. Both exchanging leg kicks now. Front kick to the body from Wood. Fili with a big left hand that puts Wood down, but he stands straight back up and almost eats a head kick.

Jab lands for Fili. Jab for Fili again. Low kick from Wood, but Fili is countering of that and his reach is making life difficult for Wood.

Wood staying committed to the low kick though. Now a right hook from Wood. Jab for Fili. He lands it again. And again as he works from range. Low kick for Wood.

Constant jab work from Fili, but then Wood steps in with a hard punch and rocks him. Fili following to the mat under fire and is trying to prevent Wood from dropping down bombs. Wood in half-guard and can’t get his hands free so he drops down a couple of elbows instead. Fili has a cut near his eye.

Fili with an elbow from his back. Fili able to stand, but eats a kick on the way up.

Striking range now. Body kick for Wood and Fili works the jab. Body kick for Fili. Low kick for Wood. Head kick attempt from Wood just grazes over the target.

Fili steps nicely into the jab. Now a head kick attempt that doesn’t quite land. Fast flurry of punches from Wood. Low kick for Fili. Little bit of showboating from both men to end thhe round.

Round Two:

Nice left hook from Wood and that forces Fili to back up. Fili recovers quickly and starts to fire back.

Jab for Fili. Head kick from Fili partially got through. Body punch from Wood. Nice jab from Wood now.

Inside leg kick for Wood. He lands it again while avoiding a few punches from Fili. Jab and a low kick does connect for Fili though.

Big punch lands for Fili and Wood is hurt and goes to the mat. He’s getting back up and Fili lands knees to the head too.

Wood dives on a takedown attempt and Fili ends up on top. He wants to go for a submission, but Wood scrambles and now he gets on top.

Not for long though as Fili is able to re-secure top position and settle into Wood’s full guard. Short elbow from the bottom for Wood.

A minute of another action-packed round to go. The pace has slowed from this position though and Wood has closed up his guard to restrict Fili’s offense further.

Fili throwing a hard elbow as Wood covers up and makes it to the end of the round without taking further damage.

Round Three:

Inside leg kick for Wood. He tries for a push kick and it’s almost caught. Jab from Wood. Low kick for Wood. He lands it again.

Jab for Wood and misses on an overhand. Now an inside leg kick from him. Fili utilizing movement more now. Left down the pipe lands for Fili.

Inside leg kick for Wood. Jab for Fili. He lands it again. Another inside leg kick from Wood. Body kick for Fili.

Wood with another couple of inside leg kicks. Fili threatens with a head kick but doesn’t land it. Fili drives into a takedown, but Wood defends it well.

Fili works the jab. He lands a leg kick too. Final 90 seconds. Front kick to the body from Wood. Big left hook lands for Wood, but Fili eats it and sticks his tongue out at him.

Kick for Fili. Good jab from Wood. Back to the inside leg kick. Both land the jab. Wood tries for a single-leg, but Fili escapes and wags a finger at him. Jumping kick attempt from Fili. We’re headed to the scorecards.


An very entertaining and competitive battle here then, with both fighters being dropped and close to being finished at times. In the end though the judges are unanimous in their decision and Wood emerges victorious (29-28 x3).

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