Nikita Krylov Submits Ryan Spann With 1st Round Triangle Choke At UFC Fight Night 221

Nikita Krylov submitted Ryan Spann in the opening round of a main card bout at UFC Fight Night 221 that was fought at a frantic pace from start to finish.

Round One:

Jab lands well for Spann. Hard one-two from Krylov. They are both exchanging wildly and Spann opts to clinch up. Krylov turns into him though.

Krylov looking for a throw, but it’s Spann who rolls on top. Fast paced action here and as Krylov tries to get on top Spann works for a guillotine choke. He’s working hard on this, but it’s not working out for him and he has to let it go.

Now it’s Krylov who is working a choke of his own. That’s not going to work either and they stand up. Krylov going for a takedown now. Fast and furious action as they go back down and Krylov tries for a guillotine choke, only for Spann to scramble out.

They end up with Spann on his knees and Krylov trying to keep him down. Krylov tries to ride his back as they get up, but he slips off. Spann tries to secure top position, but Krylov instantly locks in a triangle choke from his back and Spann is forced to tap out quickly afterwards at 3.38mins of the first round!

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