Niko Price KO’s Randy Brown With Hammerfists From His Back At UFC Fight Night 133

Niko Price registered stunning KO victory tonight against Randy Brown with hammerfists from his back at UFC Fight Night 133.

Round One:

Price misses with an early leg kick. Brown lands one of his own. Left hook from Price glances brown. Double jab for Brown and tries to come through with the right hand afterwards.

Right hand from Brown. Leg kick for Price. Brown just touches Price with a right hand. Uppercut gets through from Price. Into the clinch and Brown lands a knee to the body.

Price pressing Brown to the cage, but then his opponent reverses. However, soon after Price is able to land a takedown with half the round remaining.

Price brings Bown over towards the cage and lands a few ground and pound strikes. Brown scrambles to his knees and is then able to stand.

Brown in on a takedown attempt of his own. Goes to the cage and then hops onto Price. Price flips onto the mat trying to dislodge Brown, but he stays latched to his back and could be in a position to work for a choke.

Price manages to scramble on top, but soon after the two men are upright. Final seconds of the round and Brown lands a hard knee upstairs. Another strike lands and Price seems a little unsteady as he goe back to his corner.

Round two:

Early uppercut from Price and then straight into a takedown attempt. However he then stumbles backwards and Brown gets on top.

Brown stands over Price. Price with an upkick and Brown drops in with a big punch. Brown lands a couple of punches. He starts to go for a leg lock and Price finds room to start landing some hard hammerfists from his back, while keeping his opponents head pinned with the aid of a foot wrapped around the side of his neck.

Five or six hammerfists land and half of them were unneccessary as it would become apparant that Brown was already unconscious for a remarkable, unexpected KO finish at 1.09mins of Rd2.

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