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NSAC Releases $1 Million Of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Fight Purse

In the aftermath of the violence that erupted after UFC 229’s main event earlier this month, the Nevada State Athletic Commission ringfenced all $2 million of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s fight purse, but at a hearing yesterday they decided to release part of that money back to the fighter.

The Commission unanimously agreed to release $1 million of Nurmagomedov’s basic salary, but the other half will remain locked away until a full disciplinary hearing in December.

Meanwhile, post-fight McGregor had avoided having any of his purse ringfenced, but in hindsight NSAC Chairman Anthony Marnell acknowledged that further footage was suggested the Irish fighter may have thrown a punch before he was attacked would have led to them holding back some or all of his $3 million basic salary if it had come to light earlier.

“I think it would be appropriate to release some of the funds, especially when we didn’t have the knowledge that we have now regarding Conor McGregor,” NSAC commissioner Christopher Ault said of Nurmagomedov. “That camp probably would have been subjected to some things that we’ve done with Khabib.”

In addition the commission also voted unanimously to extend both fighter’s temporary suspensions until the full hearing takes place, where both stars are expected to attend and could face serious punishments, both financially and in terms of potential lengthy suspensions from the sport.

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