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Paul Felder KO’s Stevie Ray With A Knee And Elbows At UFC Fight Night 113

Paul Felder didn’t take long to get the better of Stevie Ray tonight at UFC Fight Night 113, initially dropping him with a knee to the head, before finishing the job with vicious elbows for the KO victory.

Round One:

Felder lands a teep that stops Ray’s superman punch attempt. Leg kick for Ray. Now one in response from Felder. Another kick from Ray.

Left hand connects for Ray. He tries to go in for a takedown, but has to settle for the clinch and Felder lands knees inside. They move over to the cage still in teh clinch and Ray ducks down looking for the takedown. He can’t get it though and Felder reverses the position.

The two are jockeying for position against the cage here. Ray getting the better of it, but not too much happening here. Short knee from Felder and an elbow from Ray. Elbow strike from Felder. Both exchanging knees.

suddenly Felder throws a knee upstairs and it drops Ray! Felder follows him down and lands more punches, but Ray manages to regain his senses and get in guard.

Felder stays heavy on top though and then blasts down huge elbows that knockout Ray at the 3.57min mark and instantly silences the Scottish crowd! Great win for Felder – he wanted that win badly in order to honor his father who recently passed away.

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