Randy Brown Beats Jared Gooden By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 194

Randy Brown was able to oustrike Jared Gooden tonight at UFC Fight Night 194 to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Brown with some reaching punches to start that don’t quite find the target. A head kick from him just whizzes past Gooden’s head.

Brown seemed to stumble there and Gooden tries to capitalize. Brown scrambles over to the cage and Gooden isn’t able to get anything going.

Back to striking range and Brown lands a big front kick to the chin that hurts Gooden, but may have hurt his toe in the process. Gooden just misses with a big punch.

Calf kick for Gooden. Jab from Brown, but Gooden gets a low kick in there again. Another low kick for him. Brown with a few jabs and then tries to land the straight behind it.

Thumping left hand from Brown. Leg kick from Gooden knocks Brown off-balance. Another lands and again Brown seems a bit off-kilter afterwards. Now Brown lands a solid leg kick of his own.

Kick to the thigh now from Gooden. Body kick for Brown. He lands the jab too. Front kick to the body from Brown and Gooden lands a punch in response.

Another leg kick for Gooden. Body punch from Brown and can’t quite find the target on his punches upstairs afterwards. Brown steps in and grazes the target with a spinning backfist.

Two solid oblique kicks for Brown. Leg kick from Gooden and each time they land it seems to bother Brown.

Round Two:

Big leg kick from Gooden knocks Brown off his feet. He gets right back up though and hurls a big head kick at Gooddn that sends him running away out of the firing line.

Head kick attempt from Brown blocked. Leg kick for Gooden. Body punch from Brown. Brown attempts a body kick, but gets knocked off-balance by yet another leg kick.

Brown with two rangey jabs and then tries for a right hand behind it. Brown puts Gooden on the back foot with his offense.

Two solid low kicks from Gooden. Push kicks to the body from Brown. Gooden chops the leg again. Solid punch lands for Gooden now. Brown lands a light jab.

Brown with a lunging punch and then a kick upstairs that Gooden tries his best to block. Body punch for Gooden as Brown is going upstairs.

Oblique kick fromm Gooden. Sneaky uppercut from Brown in close. Calf kick for Gooden. Jab upstairs from Brown.

Oblique kicks from Brown. Now a hard right hand. Gooden covering up as Brown steps forward with jabs and the right hand again. Gooden circles away and gets some space to ride out the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Quick jabs from Brown. Now a left hook that seemed to hurt Gooden briefly. Now a hard body kick from Brown, landing everything with purpose here. He snaps the jab home too.

Good left for Brown. He lands again. Gooden with a punch and a leg kick. Body punch from him. Jab for Brown. Brown bounced back against the cage and then landed a punch. He attempts a flying knee that just misses.

Repeated jabs from Brown. Gooden presses into Brown and Brown staggers backwards trying to deal with a potential toe injury he suffered in the opening round.

Body punch for Brown. Calf kick from Gooden. Glancing left hand for him. Jumping knee from Brown seems to land and then he’s letting his hands go close to the cage. He throws up another knee and the into the clinch.

They break free. jab from Brown. Gooden almost lands a kick upstairs as Brown was bent over. Hard right hand from Gooden.

left hook and a right hand from Brown, then a spinning backfist attempt. Jab for Gooden. Spinning kick attempt from Brown.

Brown with a nice right hand and then gets to the clinch landing knees to the body. Brown attempting to drop to the mat working for a late submission attempt that doesn’t pay off, with a brief scramble then occurring as the fight draws to a close.


So this one goes to a scorecards and it’s Brown who got the better of the action throughout despite an early foot injury, leading him to a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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