Raul Rosas Jr. Submits Ricky Turcios In 2nd Round At UFC On ESPN 57

Raul Rosas Jr got the better of Ricky Turcios tonight at UFC On ESPN 57 and sealed the deal with a second round submission finish.

Round One:

Turcios yells at Rosas as he dismisses a fist bump and instead launches a front kick upstairs from Turcios and then more kicks behind it

Calf kick for Turcios. Another kick from him, but Rosas uses that to drive in for a takedown and land it.

Rosas patient on top here as he slows things down and maintains position on top. Turcios working for butterfly guard and tries to disrupt Rosas’ base.

Turcios works on the butterflies again and gets back upright for a moment, but is immediately brought back down again.

Turcios trying to scramble back up. He lands a few elbows to the head of Rosas but then as they go back upright he gets taken down for a third time.

Turcios relentlessly trying to scramble though and starts to work his way on top. Turcios working to the back and now snatches on a rear-naked choke. He’s not quite got it under the chin though and Rosas doesn’t try to fight it off yet.

Instead Rosas waits for his moment and then suddenly bursts into a reversal. There’s a scramble and now it’s Rosas who has Turcios’ back and is going for a rear-naked choke of his own as the round ends.

Round Two:

Left hand for Turcios. Flying knee attempt from Rosas. Another jumping knee from him and then straight into a takedown that he lands close to the cage.

Turcios scrambles to his feet but Rosas is still on him and brings him down while also taking his back.

Rosas gets the body triangle locked in and starts to work for the rear-naked choke. He doesn’t have it for now. Turcios goes to his knees and then tries to roll free, but can’t get free.

Rosas goes for the rear-naked choke again. He’s squeezing on it tight even though it’s not quite under the chin. He readjusts and now it’s right on the neck and forces Turcios to tap out! Big submission win for Rosas Jr at 2.22mins of the second round.

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