Rodolfo Vieira Submits Cody Brundage In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 223

Rodolfo Vieira got back to winning ways with a second round submission over Cody Brundage tonight at UFC Fight Night 223.

Round One:

Calf kick for Brundage. More kicks from him and then fires off punches. Brundage extremely aggressive here as he fires off left and rights.

Vieira looks to dampen this early aggression by clinching up and looks for a takedown against the cage. Brundage defending for now, but then Veira pulls guard. Brundage back up and Vieira remains clinched up against the fence.

Vieira has a cut to his left eye and it’s bleeding onto Brundage’s shoulder here. Knee strike from Vieira strays to the groin and that forces a stoppage to give Brundage time to recover.

The fight resumes back at striking range. Heavy left and right from Brundage drops Vieira in the center of the Octagon.

Brundage follows him down and lands ground and pound as Vieira tries to get into a position to work his BJJ. He attempts a sweep but it doesn’t pay off. Vieira does manage to get back to his feet though and presses Brundage into the fence.

Vieira lands a trip takedown and works to his opponent’s back. He’s landing some punches here to the head, but not going all out as he looks to conserve energy heading into the second round.

Round two:

Body punch from Vieira. He drives into a takedown against the cage. Brundage wraps a guillotine choke and drops to the mat with it.

Vieira gets his head free and is now on top in half-guard and working an arm-triangle. Brundage gives up his back to get away from that, but then rolls to his back again, at which point Vieira immediately sinks in the arm-triangle again and this time forces him to tap out at 1.28mins of the second round!

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