Rogerio Bontorin Beats Matt Schnell By Unanimous Decision At UFC 262

Rogerio Bontorin had Matt Schnell hurt several times during their fight tonight at UFC 262 on his way to a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Round Two:

Schnell with a head kick that grazes the target. Now a right hand and Bontorin counters with a left. Leg kick for Schnell and Bontorin retaliates with one of his own.

Body punch from Schnell. Another leg kick from Schnell. Left hook threatened by Bontorin as Schnell was throwing his own strike.

Leg kick lands for Bontorin. Nice counter-combo from Schnell. Schnell with a feint and then lands a left.

Jab and then a left hook for Schnell. Bontorin misses on a body punch attempt. Hook for Schnell and Bontorin lands one too.

Another combination for Schnell. Jab and then a left hook. Reaching left hand for Bontorin. One-two for Schnell. Big punch from Bontorin gives Schnell pause for thought.

Schnell tries to flurry but BOntorin lands a body punch. Bontorin connects and Schnell seems rattled for a moment.

Bontorin with a left hand. Looks like a clash of heads for a moment a Bontorin was lunging in. Crowd getting restless. Nice jab from Bontorin. Knee misses.

Round Three:

Body kick for Schnell. And then again. Left hook from Schnell and another punch behind it as Bontorin lands a leg kick.

leg kick for Schnell. Left hand for Bontorin. Nice left for Schnell. Low kick for Bontorin. Good three-piece combo on the counter from Schnell.

Good head movement from Schnell. Leg kick for Bontorin. leg kick again as Schnell landed a punch. Schnell with a good right hand.

Straight punch for Schnell but doesn’t connect on the flurry behind it. Bontorin with a body punch and then clean connections upstairs too. Schnell in trouble and Bontorin launches into a flying knee. Schnell’s mouthpiece is out, but Bontorin works a takedown.

Schnell utilizing a closed guard here as he tries to clear the cobwebs. Bontorin passes to side control. A couple of elbows land to the head from Bontorin. More punches land and Schnell still doesn’t have his mouthpiece in.

Schnell tries to stand, but then drops to his back and tries to get his legs up looking for a potential submission attempt. Bontorin back to side control to end the round.


Both men had their moments here, with Schnell landing more frequently, but Bontorin was landing the hurtful blows and had a big end to the third round, leading him to a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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