Santiago Ponzinibbio Outstrikes Mike Perry To Decision Win At UFC On FOX 26

Santiago Ponzinibbio was able to oustrike Mike Perry tonight at UFC On FOX to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Ponzinibbio with a lot of movement on the outside to start and then Perry lands a side kick to the body. He gets another kick to the obdy and to the leg. Ponzinibbio with a leg kick of his own now.

Body punch for Perry as he tries to close the range between them. Ponzinibbio with another leg kick. Perry flashes out a right hand, but comes up short.

Solid leg kick for Ponzinibbio and Perry is looking for counter punches. Side kick to the body for Perry again. Low kick for Ponzinibbio and then misses a head kick.

Perry with a clipping shot and Ponzinibbio is knocked off balance for a moment. He seems fine though. perry tries for a head kick that’s blocked.

Good body kick for Perry. He lands a big right hand and that hurts Ponzinibbio. The Argentinian backs away under pressure.

Again Perry wades in with that right hand again and Ponzinibbio scambles and almost brings Perry to the mat, but he quickly rights himself.

Ponzinibbio continues to utilize lots of movement as Perry stalks him in the remaining moments of the round.

Round Two:

Ponzinibbio feeling out with punches to start the second round. Hard leg kick from Ponzinibbio knocks Perry slightly off-balance.

Perry tries to get a back clinch on Ponzinnibio. He defends the position well though and gets back to striking range.

Perry lands a hard hook and Ponzinibbio didn’t like that. Perry with a nice takedown now as he continues to apply pressure, but he’s soon back to his feet.

Suddenly Ponzinibbio finds a left hand that hurts Perry and then pieces together a series of punches behind it. Perry takes them, but Ponzinibbio seems to have found his rang now.

Again Ponzinibbio starts landing crisply and Perry is backed up as a result. He’s showing good resiliance though. The storm isn’t over though and a three-piece combo from Ponzinibbio snaps Perry’s head back.

Perry looks less sure of himself than usual in the Octagon right now, but he starts to fire back with a few strikes of his own late in the round, though Ponzinibbio is happy to return the favor. Ponzinibbio with significant bleeding to his face at the end of the round, but he definitely got the better of the action overall.

Round Three:

Nice punch for Perry to star the final round. Ponzinibbio catches his opponent on the end of a punch. Good body kick for Perry as he marches forward. Now a leg kick lands. He rushes into a short jab.

Spinning backfist attempt from Ponzinibbio. jab for Perry. Leg kick for Ponzinibbio. Another lands to the inside of Perry’s leg.

Right hand lands for Perry. Spinning back fist from Ponzinibbio and this time it lands and drops Perry. Perry hurt but back to his feet. Ponzinibbio brings him down. It’s not long before PErry is back up, but Ponzinibbio takes him down again.

This time Perry manages to scramble to an advantageous position. They go back to striking range and Ponzinibbio lands a big punch.

Ponzinibbio in on a double-leg and lands it. He’s looking for ground and pound, but Perry is starting to work his way back up, so he threatens with a guillotine choke and lands some punches to the body.

Final 30 seconds and Perry gets back up. His back is still to the cage though and Ponzinibbio is firing off punches and a head kick. A weary looking Perry tries to march forward, but it’s Ponzinibbio who had the best of that late action as they head to the scorecards


Perry started off well, but in the end he needed a stern chin to weather Ponzinibbio’s offense in the final 10 minutes. As such it’s no surprise to see that Ponzinibbio is awarded a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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