Sean Brady Defeats Michael Chiesa By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 198

Sean Brady outwrestled Michael Chiesa for the most part tonight at UFC Fight Night 198 to claim a unanimous win on the judges scorecards.

Round One:

Chiesa feeling out with his rangey jab to start. Not really landing it for now though, just keeping it out there. Unfortunately Brady then gets a finger to the eye and that forces a brief stoppage.

Leg kick for Brady and jab for Chiesa. Again Brady goes to the low leg kick. He lands it again.

Brady with a couple of punches now. He lands a grazing hook but then gets another finger in the eye that forces another stoppage. Brady complains about a cut that occurred below his left eye as a result of that.

Chiesa gets a warning and they restart. leg kick for Brady. Both look for punches upstairs and Brady lands cleaner.

Body kick for Chiesa and Brady immediately looks to catch it and go for a takedown. He works Chiesa over towards the cage and does manage to get him down.

Chiesa immediately starts to work to stand up and manages to do so. Chiesa jokes with him that he is pretty strong after all.

Brady a little bloodied to the nose, but still clinched up and works to bring Chiesa down again. He does and is latched onto Chiesa’s back. Chiesa again working to stand though and it’s not long before he does manage to get back on his feet and back to striking range.

Brady with the leg kick. A couple of punches from Chiesa not finding the mark and he stays on the outside looking for an opportunity to land as the final seconds of the round tick by.

Round Two:

Chiesa feeling out with the jab then lands a left hand. Brady steps into a couple of punches, but doesn’t land cleanly. Chiesa threatening with a left hook.

Right hand for Brady. Now a calf kick. Jab for Brady. Left hook from Brady during an exchange in close. left hand for Chiesa as Brady also appeared to connect but with less power.

Left hand and a right hook for Chiesa. Brady drives into a takedown attempt and gets into the clinch against the cage.

Chiesa defending well against the cage for now and then reverses the clinch while landing knees to the body. Brady turns into him again and then takes him down quickly.

Brady takes his back as Chiesa is on his knees trying to stand. Brady gets in the body triangle now and is looking for the rear-naked choke. Chiesa defends and tries to land punches behind him in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Big jumping knee from Chiesa and then gets into the clinch against the cage. Brady reverses the position, but then they go back to striking range.

Two good left hands for Chiesa. Brady looking to clinch, but Chiesa lands a knee to the body. Brady doggedly back into the clinch though and looking for the takedown. Chiesa able to keep it standing for now, but Brady then readjusts and does manage to land a takedown.

Brady quickly spins to Chiesa’s back and pulls him onto him as he starts to work again for the rear-naked choke.

Chiesa wall walks and attempts to escape, but nothing doing. Half the final round remaining as Brady works to lock in the body triangle.

Chiesa trying to fight that body lock, but Brady adjusts and keeps it locked in. Final minute now and Brady tries to get the arm under his opponent’s chin. Chiesa manages to scramble back to his feet though and immediately tries to pick up the pace, landing a knee to the body.

Brady looking to clinch, but Chiesa manages to take him down. He knows he needs to go for broke here and thinks about a submission, then opts for ground-and-pound instead. He has Brady in an uncomfortable spot here as the blows rain down, but there’s only seconds remaining and it’s likely not enough to swing the fight in his favor.


Brady proved to have the stronger wrestling of the two on the night and that leads to him winning by unanimous decision (29-28 x3).

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