Sean O’Malley TKO’s Aljamain Sterling To Become 135lb Champ At UFC 292

Sean O’Malley TKO’d Aljamain Sterling in the 2nd round tonight at UFC 292 in Boston to become the new bantamweight champion.

Round One:

The bantamweight title headliner is underway in Boston!

Outside leg kick for Sterling to start. Now a head kick attempt that’s blocked. He gets a body kick through and then misses with a spinning kick to the midsection.

Back to the leg kick for the champ now. O’Malley feints. He throws a front kick to the body. Sterling with another leg kick. O’Malley goes to the body.

Both fighters moving side-to-side and O’Malley gets through with a jab. Sterling circling on the outside now.

Body kick for Sterling. Front kick to the body from O’Malley. Inside leg kick for Sterling and then lands it again. Now a third time he connects with that.

O’Malley steps forward with a left hand. Inside leg kick from Sterling again. Feints from O’Malley and a leg kick from Sterling.

Back to the inside leg kick from the champ. He leaps into a side kick but misses. O’Malley with a side kick to the body now.

O’Malley in on a single-leg attempt against the cage, but not much time left to work. Final 10 seconds of the round and Sterling lands some short-range punches from the clinch.

Round Two:

O’Malley slips on a kick attempt and as he gets up Sterling is into the clinch working on a single-leg. O’Malley able to defend though and get back to his feet.

Sterling lunges into a punch and O’Malley lands a perfect counter right-hand that floors the champ!

O’Malley stands over the dazed Sterling and rains down punches and hammer-fists. Sterling trying to survive but he’s not getting an opportunity to clear the cobwebs and as more punches land the ref steps in and ends the fight at 0.51mins of the second round – Sean O’Malley is your new bantamweight champion!

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