Sean Woodson Defeats Alex Caceres By Decision At UFC On ESPN 56

Sean Woodson’s sharper striking helped him to a closely contested decision victory over Alex Caceres tonight at UFC On ESPN 56.

Round One:

Missed side kick from Caceres. He misses on a head kick attempt too. Low kick for Woodson. Crisp jab for Woodson.

Low kick for Caceres. Another clean punch from Woodson. He lands a calf kick. Calf kick for Caceres but eats a counterpunch from Woodson.

One-two for Caceres. calf kick for him too. He uses head movement to avoid Woodson’s punches as he tries to press forward.

Slapping body punches from Caceres. One-two for Woodson. Now a kick upstairs. Punch for Cacares.

Caceres back to trying to close distance with strikes. jab for Woodson. Brief exchange at closer range. Body kick for Woodson.

Low kick for Woodson. And again. left hand gets through from Woodson as he darts forward. Missed overhand for Caceres but then lands a kick on the other side.

Spinning kick attempted by Caceres, but it lands right to the groin and forces a stoppage to give him time to recover.

Woodson is soon ok to continue. Head kick attempt from Caceres is blocked. Low kick from Caceres and a counterpunch from Woodson.

Solid jab from Woodson followed up by a hook. Head kick attempt from him. Body kick for Caceres. Knee to the body from Woodson. Caceres tries to close range but the round is coming to an end.

Round Two:

Superman punch attempt from Caceres to start the round. He comes up short on a side kick to the head. Body kick for Woodson. Now a couple of punches that stumbles Caceres for a moment, but he seems ok as the action continues.

Caceres with a reaching punch to close the distance. Woodson misses a strike and that enables Caceres to crowd him and rip to the body.

Another body shot for Caceres. Inside leg kick from him. Straight left for Woodson. Body kick from Caceres. Caceres spins into a flurry of punches.

Calf kick for Caceres. Solid body kick for Woodson. A couple of punches followed by a kick from Caceres. Calf kick from Woodson.

jab for Woodson. Body punches for Caceres. Calf kick for Woodson. Caceres pressuring and tries to rip to the body again.

A few swings miss from Caceres. He does so again but this time clinches up against the cage. Woodson able to break away though.

Jab for Woodson as he darts in and out of range. Woodson makes Caceres miss and then lands a counter uppercut. Brief exchange as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Kick to the body from Caceres. Calf kick for Woodson. Caceres with a counter punch. Calf kick for Woodson.

Caceres pressuring and attempts a head kick. He lands a nice leg kick. Leg kicks from Woodson now. body punches from Caceres.

One-two for Woodson. Now a low kick that Caceres checks. Hard right lands for Woodson. Spinning kick to the body from Caceres.

Left hand for Woodson and then finds space to move away as Caceres comes forward. Caceres pressures again and lands a glancing spinning backfist.

Left hand for Woodson. Now a jab. He connects with a left again. Body punch for Caceres. Now a body kick for him.

Caceres clinches up against the cage and lands a couple of uppercuts in close. Woodson gets away. Woodson made to miss with a couple of punches.

Head kick attempt from Woodson is blocked. Leg kick for Caceres. He misses on his kick upstairs. Leg kick for Caceres.

Jab for Caceres. Woodson threatens with a knee and then lands a couple of punches. Head kick attempt for Woodson. Straight punches for him. He’s throwing hooks as Caceres tries to come in for one last flurry of his own.


Woodson looked the superior striking technician of the two in the opening round, but Caceres began to apply more pressure and find a home for his strikes as the fight went on to make life more difficult for him and give the judges something to think about. However, in the end it’s Woodson who is deemed to have done enough to earn a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x2, 30-27).

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