Shara Magomedov KO’s Antonio Trocoli In Final Round At UFC On ABC 6

Shara Magomedov showed off his dynamic striking ability at UFC On ABC 6 against late replacement Antoni Trocoli on his way to a third round KO finish.

Round One:

Calf kick for Magomedov. Another calf kick. Two straight punches land down the pipe for Trocoli and then he clinches up against up the cage.

Trocoli with some punches to the body. Knee to the body from Magomedov. Trocoli tries for a single-leg but Magomedov stays upright. The ref opts to separate them and warns Trocoli for grabbing the cage.

Very nice step in punch for Magomedov. Oblique kicks landing repeatedly to the knee fromm Magomedov. Now he goes back to the calf kick. Body punch lands. Inside leg kick. Push kick and then a punch upstairs. trocoli lets his hands go now. He gets back into a takedown attempt against the cage.

Magomedov down on one knee but then rights himself. Trocoli remains clinched up though against the cage. Magomedov standing on one leg while using the other to keep some distance between himself and Trocoli and so far that’s working for him as Trocoli doesn’t do much with the position and just runs down the remaining time in the round.

Round Two:

Side kick to the body for Magomedov. Now a kick upstairs too. Front kick to the body for trocoli. calf kick for Magomedov. Another chopping calf kick and Trocoli didn’t like that one.

Spinning backfist attempt from Magomedov misses. Trocoli goes back into the clinch, but Magomedov turns away and escapes.

Another heavy calf kick for Magomedov. He’s really starting to beat up that calf now with these powerful kicks.

Side kick to the body for Magomedov but Trocoli did land a punch to the head in response that time. Another calf kick lands for Magomedov. Left and right hand connects for Magomedov. Back to the calf kick.

Trocoli back into pressing Magomedov into the cage, with his opponent using his leg to create some space between them again. Trocoli goes for a leg sweep, but Magomedov stays up by grabbing the cage. The ref doesn’t spot it though.

They move away from the cage now and Trocoli commits to a takedown attempt that is stuffed. Magomedov backs away.

Calf kicks and a side kick to the body from Magomedov to end the round.

Round Three:

Side kick to the body and then a hook kick that lands upstairs from Magomedov but Trocoli eats it. Calf kick for Magomedov. He steps into another one. Now a right hand upstairs. More calf kicks. He lands a clean left hook. Inside leg kick.

Trocoli clinches up but eats a couple of punches and then lets go. Swift kick to the head for Magomedov, but Trocoli doesn’t flinch.

Spinning kick to the body for Magomedov. He tries a spinning backfist that just misses. Back to the calf kick. Trocoli ducks into a takedown attempt but Magomedov perfectly times a knee that lands to the head and a punch to follow.

Trocoli still upright, but backing up now and certainly hurt. Magomedov recognizes it and unleashes a barrage of blows to the head and body as his opponent is backed up against the cage, then puts him down with a final left hand to seal a big KO victory at 2.27mins of the third round.

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