Song Yadong KO’s Marlon Moraes Result At UFC Fight Night 203

Song Yadong looked very dangerous from early on his fight with Marlon Moraes tonight at UFC Fight Night 203 and it wasn’t long before he sealed a big KO victory courtesy of a powerful uppercut.

Round One:

Yadong immediately starts to land punches to Moraes body. Moraes pumps out the jab. High kick attempt from Yadong.

Big right hand from Yadong staggers Moraes. Moraes throws out a head kick attempt. Left and right from Yadong as Moraes is covering up.

Yadong swinging hard and Moraes ducks under and gets away. Yadong continuing to launch heavy combinations of left and right hands here and is having some success piercing his opponents defensive guard.

Yadong backing up Moraes, but then Moraes surges forward throwing punches, but doesn’t find the mark.

Yadong with a three punch combo and it’s the final right uppercut that connects clean and floors Moraes who lays flat on his back in a daze for a few moments before the ref waves off the fight, handing Yadong a highlight reel KO finish at 2.06mins of the first round!

That’s the kind of impressive stoppage win that Yadong needs to catapult his career to the next level, but as for Moraes, it’s very concerning that he’s now lost five of his last six fights via strikes and he might now have to start seriously thinking about his future in the sport.

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