Taila Santos Drops And Submits Joanne Wood At UFC Fight Night 198

Taila Santos dropped Joanne Wood twice before submitting her late in the first round tonight at UFC Fight Night 198.

Round One:

Inside low kick for Wood and then misses on a head kick attempt. Body kick now. Back to the low kick. Hard one-two from Santos.

Push kicks and inside low kicks for Wood. Kick for Santos now. She lands a leg kick again. Both throw at the same time and Santos lands a nice uppercut.

One-two for Wood. Inside leg kick for Santos. Jab for Wood. A right and gets through. Hard right lands for Santos and then a jab gets through too.

Santos looking to clinch, but Wood lands a nice body kick and keeps distance. Wood lands over the top with the right hand. She does it again.

Calf kick for Santos. One in return now from Wood. Good right hand for Santos. One-two for Wood. Push kick from Wood. Body kick from her as Santos tries to land punches upstairs.

Calf kick from Santos. Right hand for Wood. Right hand from Santos puts Wood down. Santos follows her down against the cage, but Wood does well to stand back up and get back to striking range.

Right and left land for Santos. She drops Wood again with a right hand and her opponent looks dazed, but the ref lets her try to battle through it.

Santos gets on top looking for punches. Then she works to Wood’s back and starts to work for a rear-naked choke. She’s able to get the arm under the chin and soon after Wood grimaces as she taps out at 4.49mins of the opening round.

Impressive win for Santos then, showing off both her speed and power on the feet, plus her submission skills on the mat.

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