Timur Valiev Defeats Raoni Barcelos By Majority Decision At UFC Fight Night 190

Timur Valiev’s hard work over 15 minutes helped him outpoint Raoni Barcelos by majority decision tonight at UFC Fight Night 190, despite being hurt in the second round.

Round One:

Jab gets through for Valiev. He attempts an overhand but Barelos stayed out of range. Good body kick for Barcelos.

Barcelos rushes in with a punch. Kick for Valiev. Sharp counter from Barcelos on the back foot.

Leg kick for Valiev. He lands another. Now a jab. Barcelos gets into the clinch against the cage now with a little over two minutes of the round remaining.

They break apart. Body kick for Barcelos. Body punch for Valiev . Leg kick for Valiev and a body kick in return from Barcelos.

Valiev pumps out the jab and then lands a jumping front kick to the body. Now another low kick.

Body kicks exchanged. Nice jab for Barcelos. Superman punch lands for Valiev. Good counter hook from Barcelos after Valiev missed his.

Valiev goes in for a single leg and drives into the cage as Barcelos remains upright. Knees exchanged and then Valiev attempts an elbow strike as they separate.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Barcelos. He misses a head kick. Valiev looking for that jumping front kick to the body. leg kick for Valiev.

Good head movement from Barcelos to miss a short flurry from Valiev. Right hook for Barcelos. Jab for Valiev. Now a leg kick.

Terrific head movement against from Barcelos. Strikes for Barcelos and then one in return from Valiev. Valiev attempting a takedown, but Barcelos stuffs it well.

Barcelos ducks a punch and lands a counter in return. Leg kick from Valiev. Barcelos constantly pressuring without throwing much offense. He lands a jab.

Hard left hook for Barcelos in an exchange. Uppercut for Barcelos. Jab from Valiev. Body kick for Valiev too.

Solid left hook for Barcelos as Valiev was coming into range and that sets him back on his heels.

Jab for Barcelos after Valiev missed with punches. Frenzied bursts of action at times here.

Big hook for Barcelos hurts Valiev and he gets on top on the mat looking for a finish. Valiev able to stand, but gets sat straight back down again with a big uppercut.

Barcelos gets back on top. he clips Valiev with a punch. Barcelos in half-guard and rides out the remaining seconds from there as Valiev still looks dazed.

Round Three:

Jab for Barecelos. Now an inside leg kick. Valiev tries to swing for the fences and then lands a leg kick of his own.

Barcelos stops a takedown attempt and fires off an uppercut warning shot. Body kick for Barcelos. Valiev working a leg kick.

Another leg kick for Valiev and then tries to punch to the body. Barcelos with a two-piece combo. Right hand for Valiev. Hard low kick for Barcelos.

Inside leg kick from Valiev. Right hand gets through for him. Head kick attempt and then a leg kick from Valiev.

Valiev with a body kick. Barcelos with a leg kick. Short right hand for Barcelos. Valiev drives into a takedown, but Barcelos shows great balance to stay upright and then break away.

Final two minutes. Jab for Barcelos. Right hand for Valiev but then two hard punches come back in return from Barcelos.

Missed flying knee from Valiev. Spinning backfist attempt from him. Front kick to the body from him.

Punch from Valiev, but Barcelos lands a heavier counter. Punch for Valiev and a leg kick. Better leg kick from Barcelos.

Inside leg kick from Valiev, hard counter hook from Barcelos. Good right hand from Barcelos. Now a solid right and left.

Valiev fakes a takedown and tries a strike behind it that misses. Clash of legs as they both go for a strike at the same time. Barcelos looking for the perfect time to strike rather than just staying active offensively and it’ll be interesting to see if that works out for him on the scorecards or not.


So, Barcelos had Valiev badly hurt in the second round and generally landed the heavier blows throughout the fight, but Valiev was constantly active, particularly in the first and final rounds and that leads him to a majority decision win (28-28, 29-28 x2).

There were some great moments from Barcelos in that fight, so it’s unfortunate that his lack of urgency and activity in the final round cost him dearly, but credit to Valiev for his gutsy display of heart after clearly being rocked in the second round.

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