Volkan Oezdemir KO’s Johny Walker In 1st Round At UFC On ABC 6

Volkan Oezdemir applied pressure right from the start of his fight with Johny Walker today at UFC On ABC 6 and it paid off for him, flooring his opponent twice on his way to a first round KO finish.

Round One:

Push kick from Walker, but Oezdemir tags him with a couple of punches afterwards.

Nice calf kick for Oezdemir. He gets a punch down the pipe too. Kick from Walker and Oezdemir responds with punches immediately.

Low kicks from Oezdemir. Walker lands a jab and a leg kick. Inside leg kick from Oezdemir and then a couple in return from Walker.

Calf kick for Oezdemir. He lands a body punch. Oezdemir pressures forward and Walker is punching as he retreats, but then is caught with a short flurry of punches from Oezdemir.

Oezdemir staying in close up against the cage and lands a few more punches, then backs off.

Good start from Oezdemir. He lands a left hook and drops Walker! Walker gets back up, but he’s in big trouble here.

Oezdemir right on him and he lands another left hook that has Walker dazed again, then an uppercut floors him for the second time in the round. Walker’s clearly done at this point but Oezdemir leans over his grounded opponent and blasts him with a powerful right hook anyway that knocks him out cold before the ref can get there, with the brutal finish coming at 2.28mins of the opening round.

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