It’s funny how things work out.  Just a few months ago Chael Sonnen was getting TKO’d by Jon Jones at UFC 159, now here he is interviewing the champion about his latest title defense this weekend at UFC 165.

As it turns out there’s no real animosity between the two men here, but, Chael being Chael, he couldn’t resist the occasional verbal jab with questions like, “I think we can both agree if that we were to rematch, I would likely win.  Are you already working on your gameplan for Jones – Sonnen 3?”

Jones was happy to play along, replying, “I really hope you don’t talk your way into another title fight because I’ve actually lost a lot of sleep thinking about the possibility of being taken down by you and smothered and all that stuff.  So, yeah, please don’t…leave me alone Chael!

Jones got the last laugh though when he ended the interview by spanking Sonnen…nope, I’m not kidding!  Check it out for yourselves below.

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