Watch Jon Jones DWI Arrest Video

Jon Jones interview

Jon Jones is back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this week after being arrested on multiple charges including DWI and now footage has been released of his arrest from one of the police officer’s body-cam.

“I got stir crazy,” Jones tells the officer at one stage. “I got pulled over just being nice to the homeless people. I got stir crazy. It was my first drive in two weeks. I saw these homeless guys, I was being nice to them, having a conversation with them. Treating them like humans.”

While undergoing multiple sobriety tests at the side of the road, Jones also attempted to make several excuses for why he wasn’t performing them properly, blaming it on ADD and the fact that he’s a fighter.

“I have ADD,” Jones said. “I get punched in the head for a living.”

“My short term memory is really bad,” Jones said. “People don’t know that about me but it’s really bad.”

Despite his best efforts, Jones poor performance during the tests led to him being arrested for DWI and negligent use of a firearm, and given his multiple issues with the police in the past that could potentially cause him serious problems and also has raised the issue of whether he may once again be stripped of his UFC light-heavyweight title.

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