Watch Thiago Silva Talk About His Return To The UFC

With his legal troubles now behind him, Thiago Silva is now set to make an unlikely return to the UFC and you can watch him talk about it in the video below.

“So, the good news is I’m back,” Silva says in a video filmed at a celebration held by his Blackzilians team. “I just want to thank my friends for all their support; my manager, Glenn Robinson; JACO; the Blackzilians; all my teammates. The truth just came [out]. So everyone knows the truth, everything.”

Silva was arrested on aggravated assault charges in Florida back in February after threatening his wife and her boyfriend with a gun, but last week he was acquitted after it emerged that his wife had now become “uncooperative” and had left the country.

When the story first broke Silva was immediately released from his UFC contract with Dana White vowing he’d never fight for the organization again, but after seeing the case against him dropped they’ve opted to give him a second chance.


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