Yana Kunitskaya Defeats Julija Stoliarenko By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN+ 32

Yana Kunitskaya was able to use strong clinch work to grind out a unanimous decision victory over Julija Stoliarenko tonight at UFC On ESPN+ 32.

Round One:

Quickly into the clinch they go and its Kunitskaya who manages to get Stoliarenko up against the cage. They are soon jockeying for position though and reverse along the cage before Kunitskaya again gets the upperhand and starts to land a couple of knees to the legs.

Stoliarenko tries to hop up on Kunitskaya and try to work a guillotine choke, but she’s not going to get that working for now and puts her feet back on the mat.

Kunitskaya lets a few short punches go and Stoliarenko is sporting a little blood to the nose now. More short punches for Stoliarenko and then she again tries to jump up and pull guard despite being pressed up against the cage.

Eventually she falls off, but Kunitskaya isn’t able to capitalize by keeping her down as Stoliarenko fights her way back to her feet, only to then find herself being pressed back up against the cage again.

Left hooks from the clinch land for Kunitskaya and then works the shoulder in too. Now knees to the legs. Final seconds of the round and Stoliarenko fights back with punches, but Kunitskaya throws a knee upstairs in response.

Round Two:

Spinning kick attempt from Stoliarenko to start the second, but Kunitskaya just dumps her to the mat. Stoliarenko back to her feet and is soon being pressed up against the cage again and working more knees to the legs.

Short punches to the body land now. A hard knee lands to the body. Three punch combo to the head now as she continues to rough up her opponent. Stoliarenko tries to pull guard, but Kunitskaya doesn’t follow her down and when her opponent stands back up and is right back to being crushed up against the cage.

A few nice punches land for Kunitskaya and Stoliarenko is getting bloodier. Now more knees to the body. Stoliarenko just can’t find her way out of this onslaught and the pressure is starting to wear on her.

Knees and punches again from Kunitskaya and Stoliarenko tries to pull guard again. This time Kunitskaya decides she will go to ground with her.

Kunitskaya lands a good elbow, but then Stoliarenko starts to work an armbar and has her in some trouble. Moving towards the end of the round and Stoliarenko manages to adjust her position and is trying to find a finish with this submission. Kunitskaya able to escape just before the round ends though, but might think twice about willingly tangling with her opponent on the mat after that.

Round Three:

Kunitskaya with a knee to start the final round. She works Stoliarenko back to the cage and again Stoliarenko is trying to pull guard and get this one to the mat.

Kunitskaya does go back down into her guard. She’s being careful here, focusing on position and posture more than offense. Nothing much happening and that eventually leads to the ref standing them back up.

Kunitskaya quickly hustles back into the clinch and again Stoliarenko is looking to pull guard. She’s not able to do so for now though as Kunitskaya continues to stifle her. She lands a punch to the body and then the head.

Stoliarenko drops down to the mat, but Kunitskaya immediately stands back up and backs off, then gets straight into the clinch again when Stoliarenko stands up.

Knees for Stoliarenko. Stoliarenko with a knee and then gets space to seperate and start working something from striking range.

Stoliarenko with a few straight punches and then into a jumping elbow attempt. Kunitskaya keeps her at bay in the final seconds with side kicks.


No doubt about the winner here as Kunitskaya grinds her way to a clear unanimous decision victory (30-26, 30-27 x2).

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