Zhang Weili Submits Carla Esparza In 2nd Round At UFC 281 To Win Title

There were some exciting scrambles for position on the mat in the co-main event of UFC 281 tonight in NYC that eventually led to Zhang Weili tapping out Carla Esparza with a rear-naked choke in the second round.

Round One:

Leg kick for Weili. She goes for another one. LIght inside leg kick for Weili. Jab for Esparza connects.

Another inside leg kick for Weili. Body kick for her now. She lands a nice left hand as Esparza is stepping forward. Now back to the leg kicks.

Another inside leg kick and then a head kick attempt from Weili. Esparza with a couple of swings and misses. Inside leg kick for Weili.

Esparza looks for a punch and there’s a kick in response. Weili with a big body kick, but Esparza grabs it and goes for the takedown, only for Weili to scramble to her back.

More scrambling action and Esparza eventually gets on top and looks for ground-and-pound. Back and forth battle for control here and then they stand, with Esparza swinging for the fences but not landing.

Weili now back on the offense, but then gets on top after reversing an Esparza takedown. Punches and elbow from Weili on top before Esparza gets back to her feet.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Weili. Now a solid punch. She tries for a head kick. Esparza with a takedown, but Weili is looking to take her back and go for a submission. Esparza back on top, but Weili is not done yet and she scrambles to work for the crucifix position.

Weili going for a rear-naked choke now and it’s not long before Esparza taps out at 1.05mins of the second round to reclaim the strawweight title!

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