4 Skills Good Fighters Must Have

A lot of things going into making the perfect meal.  Ingredients technique, and timing.  It ‘s the same thing when trying to become the perfect specimen, a champion, the undisputed best. Nothing can actually be perfect, but it takes a lot of ingredients and techniques to make something close to perfection.  Bruce Lee took from a plethora of different martial arts to create his Jeet Kune Do.  April and March have come and gone.  The last two months of fights have given us a glimpse into the later part of the year.  Here are some key ingredients good fighters need to end 2015 on a high note.

Living in the mountain west areas of Colorado and Wyoming Gaelan developed a passion for MMA at an early age. From watching to training and now writing he loves all aspects of the sport. He hopes to continue bringing the purest form of competition to every household across the globe.