Five Biggest MMA Career Turnarounds

One of the most used clichés in MMA is that “anything that happen”; A fighter can land a clean knockout shot out of nowhere, an underdog can win a fight and a dominant champion can be dethroned.

Another big thing that can also happen is that fighters can go from having an good, but not great, career into a top fighter that is feared by most others in their division. We at Fight Of The Night found five such fighters we believe fit this criteria.


  1. Seriously dude? You don’t think what Mark Coleman did back in the Pride days was worth a mention?

    This sort of weaksauce list making really makes me think I need to get involved. Thank you.

  2. LOL, Johnson’s unlikely to ever fight in the UFC again period, after being revealed as someone who practices on his girlfriends.

  3. I agree that I made a big oversight in not including Mark Hunt. His dominant reign in the Octagon has been unbelievably spectacular. Even in his loss against Werdum he looked like he deserved to be there fighting for an interim title. It was just unfortunate that he came on such short notice. Truly a legend (when taking into account his kickboxing career) and truly living proof that “age is no barrier”


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