Five Major Positive Drug Tests in MMA



Chael Sonnen post Anderson Silva

It was a fight that shocked many fans and showed that Anderson Silva was in fact human. Chael Sonnen first faced Anderson Silva for the UFC Middleweight belt at UFC 117 in August 2010.

Sonnen shocked many critics by dominating Silva with a top-heavy ground game for the first four rounds of their fight before succumbing to out-of-nowhere triangle choke midway in the fifth round. Despite the loss, Sonnen gained immense praise for dominating Silva in a way that no fighter in the UFC has ever done before the fight.

After the fight, however, Sonnen tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone and was subsequently suspended for one year. He appealed the decision, claiming that he had official permission to use Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), but the appeal was rejected as there was no evidence Sonnen had such permission.

It was a blight on the MMA career of the charismatic fighter, who recently retired after it was revealed he failed another drug test.

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