Five Major Positive Drug Tests in MMA



Alistair Overeem pre-JDS

Alistair Overeem began his MMA career as a light heavyweight, but decided to make the move up to heavyweight towards the end of his time in Pride.

It was a remarkable move as the once lean and lanky Dutch fighter eventually turned into a solid muscly heavyweight, and some critics in the MMA world suspected that the transformation into ‘Ubereem’ did not simply come from hard work and an increased intake of protein.

There was no evidence to suggest that as he had never tested positive for banned substances in his early days as a heavyweight.

The Reem did test positive in April 2012, however, for elevated levels of testosterone in a pre-fight drug test. Overeem was set to fight then-UFC Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos after a flawless UFC debut against Brock Lesnar.

Instead, Overeem was suspended for nine months before returning to the Octagon and losing back-to-back fights against Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva and Travis Browne.

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