Five Reasons Eddie Alvarez Will Crash & Burn In The UFC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) made a big splash this week by signing former Bellator MMA 155-pound champion Eddie Alvarez.

Newly signed Bellator president Scott Coker granted Alvarez an unconditional release from his contract, which still had one fight left on it. After a heated legal dispute that kept Alvarez out of action for the majority of 2013, Coker decided enough was enough and left Alvarez to go fight the best of the best in the Octagon.

He was promptly booked against surging No. 4-ranked Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in the co-main event of September 27’s UFC 178 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, signifying the UFC’s willingness to fast-track him towards a title shot.

And while Alvarez may be one of the best lightweights in the world, there’s no guarantee that he’ll find success in the UFC, and his only version of success is holding the championship. He’ll have to take on a murderer’s row of opponents in what is one of the most stacked divisions in MMA right now.

Let’s take a look at five reasons why Alvarez might not deliver on his massive hype in the UFC.


  1. Way to harshly title the article. If he only loses to top fighters he won’t “crash and burn”. He will fall short. You’re crazy man.

  2. Alvarez is awesome but he gets rocked in every fight…Cowboy is the last guy you want to fight in your debut if your chin is suspect…I’m not saying he has a glass jaw but he does get rocked a lot and cowboy doesn’t usually give guys time to recover before they are out or he has a submission locked up…

  3. wow, what a bunch of speculation that could be made about pretty much any fighter coming to the UFC…..the whole “article” could have just read “We have to wait and see what happens.” and it would have had the same meaning.

  4. You could put any top 10 fighter in your 5 reasons theory, and most could lose to everyone you mentioned. I think you should of waited until after he fight’s cowboy before you write an article about his UFC future. I’m guessing your boss required that you write a piece, so you just threw this one together in about 30 seconds lol. I been there and I hope you’re a better writer than this when your boss isn’t leaning on you.

  5. By bringing up Pettis you’re stating he will fight Pettis, the current champion. He will have to beat Cerrone and possibly someone else before getting that fight, so how is losing in a title fight “crashing and burning?”

    Shit article.

  6. Good analysis. Cerrone is a really good fighter, but he’s still just a high-level gatekeeper. He’s lost to every elite fighter he’s faced (Bendo twice, Pettis, Nate, etc.). Eddie failed the Cerrone test, so it’s not a good start.

  7. or Cerrone just had his A game… none the less you are right. He failed the test the height difference was so significant. When he entered the octagon all the guys with me said, that guy will go down a weight class… Or be torn alive…

  8. This is the internet not English class last time I checked…I didn’t see anything in his comment that said anything about spelling errors…He was just saying the article wasn’t that great…

  9. didn’t forget your article. now he’s ranked #1 at his weight category.
    what do u have to say?
    alvarez and chandler from bellator are in line with the best fighters @ ufc. maybe better than most of them.


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