Four Youngest Ever UFC Champions


Josh Barnett

He has had a decorated career in MMA, which has been filled with championships & dominant victories and plagued with positive drug test results.

Whatever one’s opinions of Josh Barnett, one cannot deny that he helped put the Heavyweight division on the map in the sport’s earlier days.

Barnett was granted a title shot against now MMA legend Randy ‘the Natural’ Couture at UFC 36 just four months after he tested positive for banned substances.

He was given a warning by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for that offence, however, and his dominant reign in the UFC (3-1 with all victories via stoppage) led to him earning the title shot.

Both Couture and Barnett were seen as two of the best heavyweight fighters in the UFC at the time, and the match between the 38-year-old Couture and the 24-year-old Barnett was highly anticipated.

Barnett was victorious, having finished Couture via TKO stoppage in the second-round. That made him the youngest ever UFC champion at the time at 24 years and 4 months.

However, Barnett again tested positive for banned substances soon after and was stripped of the title as a result.

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