Four Youngest Ever UFC Champions


Jose Aldo

He has earned a reputation as the most feared and dominant Featherweight fighter in MMA history, and that is something that Jose Aldo doesn’t look to be letting go off any time soon.

The UFC Featherweight champion was given the title after the WEC was merged with the organisation.

Jose Aldo had been the WEC Featherweight champion since 2009 and had defended the title on two separate occasions before that organisation was formally dissolved.

Aldo beat Mike Brown in November 2009 to win the WEC Featherweight title at 23 years and 2 months old. If the win was counted as a UFC win, he would have been the youngest ever champion in history.

However, as he was formally named the UFC Featherweight champion in November 2010, it only counts from that date.

That hasn’t seemed to really phase Aldo very much, however, as he has continued his WEC dominance in the UFC, having gone 7-0 in the Octagon since joining the organisation.

Despite being the youngest ever UFC champion at the time he joined the UFC, it was a record that would be broken after just three and a half months.

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