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It’s Raining Women – Hallelujah! Or Not?

First Women UFC Title Change?

After Reebok snub, UFC officials promise to promote Carla Esparza ...

The chance of Rousey losing her belt in the foreseeable future is bleak. Carla Esparza, on the other hand is going into the first defend of her hard earned belt. She might be ‘a little bit afraid’, according to Jedrzejcyk. Esparza then countered, “Good, I hope she thinks I’m scared; I hope she underestimates me, because I’m coming, one way or another”. (Honestly, who wouldn’t be afraid when one is stepping into a ring to fight, potentially bloodied, knocked out, choked and facing a possible dislocation of ones’ limbs. It will take a fighter of gargantuan courage to one day step up and admit to the public that the prospects of a fight is indeed truly terrifying.) The odds are still against Jedrzejcyk, but only marginally. In a fight, anything can happen and should she topple Esparza from her throne Jedrzejcyk will be the first usurper to a UFC Female title.

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