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It’s Raining Women – Hallelujah! Or Not?

Watching the Texan react to Girl Fights

Wendy Davis Crowned 'Bum Steer of the Year' By Texas Monthly ...

UFC 185 is to be held in the American Airlines Centre in Dallas, Texas. It is still one of the more conservative states in the USA, but more importantly Texan men seem to somewhat be proud of it. The Texas Monthly cover has a history of deeply misogynistic portrayals of women who work in politics, from Sarah Palin as a dippy pin-up, Hillary Clinton as a ball-busting bitch and as late as December 2014 a current female Senator winning a ‘Bum Steer’ Award. How the Texan spectator would cope with four girls, two of them of non-European origin punch each other out in the Octagon may be as interesting to watch as the fights themselves.

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