Solar Energy Powers Innovative UFC Gym

Solar Powered UFC Gym Sydney

UFC epitomises the slogan Train Different. It includes a focus on fitness as well as an unmatched approach to working out. Now they’re expanding their innovative fitness philosophy with international expansion on the sunny shores of Australia.

Opening in the progressive Sydney suburb of Alexandria, the centre is focusing on one of the country’s busiest and most progressive regions in order to promote their unique approach to fitness and wellbeing.

The centre opened in early 2013 and consists of a huge 32,000 square foot centre based within the high profile Green Building, which is a member of the Sydney Corporate Park. This park is known the world over for alternative and sustainable practices and as a member of the innovative lifestyle project, UTC gym has become an innovator in terms of conscious and healthy living.

The gym has access to many of the park’s environmentally friendly buildings which include solar power water features, resourceful lighting systems and environmentally sound structures. This exciting project has put UFC GYM at the front of the leader board as one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the country.

Darryn Van Hout from Australian Solar Quotes says businesses are moving more and more towards solar as central to their business strategy, he says “consumers now expect a sustainable business strategy, and businesses who are moving towards solar and renewable energy and seeing really positive feedback from their customers.”

With three decades of industry expertise, business partners Selena Short and Lusiano Afeaki said the UFC brand has intentionally focused and timed their venture in the hope it will revolutionise our approach to fitness and exercise.

The facilities innovative program as well as training on the whole aids clients of all ages, as well as various fitness levels in reaching their own goals while enjoying the work out. The brand develops a community with a new approach to fitness constructed upon the tenants of courage, respect, honour and of course having a good time.

The breath-taking Octagon entrance gives you just a taste of what to expect when signing up. The focus on an inspirational environment, such as incredible views from the floor to ceiling windows make the facility’s rigorous workout environment a spectacle in itself.

The location also has an array of amenities which include training for the whole family such as move, sweat and Train Different within the BJJ studio, the 32 ft Octagon or the Bag Room. There is also top-notch strength training equipment and cardio equipment as well as agility ladders and other types of training machines for functional and more aggressive workouts.

Its very own 800 square foot studio has a complete range of the brand’s signature classes such as Hot Hula, Performance Cycling and even self-defense for women. Whether you prefer working out on the floor or training outside in the fresh air on the rooftop, there is a team of elite personal trainers available to aid gym members in attaining and maintaining their fitness goals. The facility also has a private kiddies training area as a part of their Youth Fitness Training and even a Kids Club which acts as a child caring area while the parents enjoy a good workout session.

Image: UFC Gym rooftop at the solar powered Sydney Corporate Park in Alexandria (photo: