WSOF 4: Lew Polley Misses Weight by 32 – Yes, 32 – Pounds

WSOFLogo605x240Lew Polley was expected to fight in the World Series of Fighting (WSOP) 4 this weekend in an undercard bout with Hans Stringer. Everything seemed to go well for Polley in the lead up to the anticipated Light Heavyweight bout, except for one small hiccup on the day before the fight was to take place.

He came in 32lbs over the weight limit.

Polley came in at 237lb, which caused the fight to be scrapped from the card and has put the 15-4 fighter’s future with the WSOF in jeopardy. News of the missed weight was first aired by MMAJunkie reporter John Morgan, who Tweeted that a source at the event had advised him of the failed attempt.

“Just spoke to event source who told me Lew Polley weighed 237 pounds for his light heavyweight bout. Expecting for WSOF to release him,” he tweeted.

The missed limit was also confirmed by Polley himself, who took to Twitter to apologise for falling well over the 205 pound limit at the weigh-in for the event. “I’m
sorry to all the fans who were coming out to support me. I deeply regret this outcome and I will use this as a learning experience,” Polley wrote.

While it is currently unclear if the 32lb difference is a record in MMA for missed weight, it would certainly be no surprise if that ended up being the case. In the UFC, Anthony Johnson, who had traditionally fought as a Welterweight, missed weight by 11lbs in a fight with Vitor Belfort at UFC 142. That fight went ahead and Johnson lost via submission before being released by the organisation.

Former boxer Ricardo Mayorga weighed in 20lbs over the limit for a 165lb MMA bout in Nicaragua back in May. The bout was ruled a no contest and Mayorga was suspended for three months for the failed weight attempt.



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