10 MMA Podcasts Worth Checking Out (2019 Edition)

As the sport of Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow, so does the number of podcasts covering it.

While that’s undoubtedly a good thing, the fact that pretty much anybody can start one up means that the quality can vary dramatically between them.

To help you sort out the wheat from the chaff I’ve listened to as many MMA podcasts as I could lay my hands on, and whittled them down to 10 that I think are worth a listen.

Update: It’s been a few years since I first wrote this article and there’s been a few changes over that period as some of the original entries are now defunct, while other frankly better podcasts have emerged in their place. Read on to discover the all-new top 10!

(Last Updated: January 2016 – to be updated shortly)

Here’s our list of the best MMA podcasts


Where Can I Find It: Co-Main Event Podcast

When Is it Broadcast: Monday’s

How Long is it: 1hr+

Description: USA Today’s Ben Fowlkes and ESPN’s Chad Dundas chew over the big topics in MMA with a side-helping of humor.

In 2016 there’s more competition than ever in the MMA podcast space, but for my money The Co-Main Event Podcast is the best around at this moment in time. Fowlkes and Dundas are highly regarded journalists in the sport with years of experience to draw upon and have a natural chemistry together along with a great sense of humor which makes this one an easy, enjoyable listen.


Where Can I Find It: MMAFighting.com

When Is It Broadcast: Once A Week

How Long Is It: 3hrs+

Description: The most recognizable MMA journalist in the sport, Ariel Helwani also finds time to host a weekly radio show.

Comments: Helwani is a natural on the mic,  a true ‘MMA Insider’ and someone who shines when given the opportunity to interview the stars of the sport as he does here for several hours each week.  As someone who regularly breaks major stories, his interviewees are often happy to divulge information you wouldn’t hear anywhere else which makes the show essential listening for all MMA enthusiasts.

Also look out for The MMA Beat show which steers more towards analysis of the weeks talking points which Helwani hosts alongside Luke Thomas, Jeff Waggenheim and Chuck Mindenhall.


Where Can I Find It: Sherdog Radio Network

When Is It Broadcast: The Roundtable usually airs the night before major events, while Beatdown After The Bell comes on within an hour of an event finishing.

How Long Is It:  Aprox 2 hours per show

Description: The Roundtable sees a mix of MMA journalists from Sherdog.com and beyond gathering on the night before major fight cards from the UFC to discuss the bouts and make their predictions.  Directly after the fights Beatdown After The Bell provides immediate reaction and analysis to the events from both the Sherdog pundits and callers.

Comments: These two shows are a good companion to any UFC event, with Beatdown After The Bell, in particular, standing out since it’s one of the few podcasts that airs directly after the fights.


Where Can I Find It:  https://www.youtube.com/user/MMAFightingonSBN/videos

When is It Broadcast: Wednesdays

How Long is It: 1hr+

Description:  Promotional Malpractice is a weekly live chat with Luke Thomas, the highly respected senior editor at MMAfighting.com and SBNation.

Comments: Thomas is a man who’s opinion is highly respected and sought after in the MMA world.  Similar in some ways to Sherdog.com’s Jordan Breen, Thomas is not afraid to talk in painstaking detail about a myriad of MMA related topics,  though he takes a more no-nonsense approach.  He also hosts the ‘Monday Morning Analyst’ show each week which is also worth checking out. 

5. THE FIGHT COMPANION Joe Rogan Questions Everything - Season 1

Where Can I Find It: http://podcasts.joerogan.net/

When Is It Broadcast:  Infrequently, airing live during some UFC fight cards

How Long Is It: 3 hours+

  As the name suggests, this is a podcast from Joe Rogan that’s designed to be listened to as a companion to the UFC event that he and his friends are watching.  These shows only happen every once in a while for events that Rogan is not covering in his capacity as the UFC’s color commentator, so often ends up being for international UFC Fight Night cards, while his guests also vary, but often include Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen and Eddie Bravo.

As Rogan is the first to admit these podcasts often steer wildly off-topic and so it’s not a substitute for the UFC’s own commentary if you’re looking for blow by blow accounts of what’s happening, but it’s fun to listen to and works well either listening live, or indeed listening back later to see how they reacted to some of an event’s big moments.


Where Can I Find It: Sherdog Radio Network

When Is It Broadcast: Tuesdays And Thursdays

How Long Is It: 2 hours

Description:  Join two of Sherdog.com’s main men, Jordan Breen and Greg Savage as they talk about the big stories in MMA.

Comments: If your a hardcore MMA fan then look no further than this show for in-depth insight and analysis on the sport. With an encyclopedic knowledge of the sport and a keen attention to detail, Breen can easily hold court on any subject you care to think of related to the sport and also has a knack for breaking down fights, and the fighters themselves in the kind of detail that puts the vast majority of other podcast pundits to shame.

Savage is a worthy co-host given his vast experience as an MMA journalist over the years dating back to the time when Sherdog was one of the few sites covering the sport.  He’s often able to give an insider’s perspective given that he knows most of the fighters, managers, etc in the sport and he’s just as opinionated as Breen which makes for some healthy and entertaining debate.


Where Can I Find It: https://soundcloud.com/anikandflorian

When Is It Broadcast: Once A Week

How Long Is It: 1hr

Description: UFC host / commentator Jon Anik and former fighter turned analyst Kenny Florian discuss the big stories of the week together with high profile interviews with the stars of the sport.

Comments:  As one of the UFC’s commentary teams as well as often working side-by-side on FOX Sports 1, you’re in safe hands with Anik and Florian here who are also friends out in the real world and that comes across in their good natured relationship on the mic.  Both men are articulate and bring a level of polish to their analysis and interviews that ensures this podcast stands up with the best.


Where Can I Find It: MMA Junkie Website

When Is It Broadcast: Monday – Friday

How Long Is It: 2 hours

Description: A firm favorite with fans, this show goes out five times a week with Gorgeous George, John Morgan and Goze bring a mix of light-hearted discussion, interviews, and the chance to phone in and air your own views.

Comments: One of the longest running shows around, MMA Junkie Radio generally revolves around their guests, and being that it’s broadcast from Las Vegas, one of the mecca’s of mixed martial arts, that gives them access to many of the top names in the sport on a regular basis. The relaxed atmosphere in the studio often brings out the best in the guests, and they really excel when they invite a fighter to hang out for the entire show.

9. YOU’RE WELCOME!ChaelSonnenYoureWelcome

Where Can I Find It: http://podcastone.com/chaelsonnen

When Is It Broadcast: Once A Week

How Long Is It: 1hr+

Description: Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen gives his own unique take on the latest MMA news.

Comments:  If you’ve been missing the man from the mean streets of West Linn, Oregon since he retired from the sport then this is the way to get your fix.  As you might expect, Sonnen, who also serves as an MMA analyst for ESPN these days, brings bags of personality to his show and isn’t afraid to speak his mind, though it’s not all about him as he does have regular guests onboard too and scores some big names, with the likes of GSP and even the elusive Nick Diaz chatting to him recently.

10. MMA’S GREAT DEBATE  TheGreatDebate

Where Can I Find It:  http://damonmartinwriter.podbean.com/

When Is it Broadcast: Weekly

How Long Is It: 60-90mins

Description: Damon Martin hosts his ‘MMA’s Great Debate’ show covering the latest MMA talking points.

Comments: Industry veteran Damon Martin, who writes for FOX Sports and UFC.com brings credibility to this show and delivers well known guests too. The only catch is the audio quality isn’t always the best on this one.

Closing Thoughts

So there you have it. Bare in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of every podcast that is currently available on the net, so if there’s a podcast you think is worthy of attention then feel free to mention it in the comments section below which already has some good alternative suggestions.

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