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The prelims begin at around 5.30pm ET (10.30pm UK) with the main card getting underway at 8pm ET (1am UK).

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Main Card:

Chris Weidman defeats Mark Munoz by TKO at 1.37mins Of Rd2

Fight Report

James Te Huna defeats Joey Beltran by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27 x2)

Fight Report

Aaron Simpson defeats Kenny Robertson by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Fight Report

Francis Carmont defeats Karlos Vemola by submission (rear-naked choke) at 1.39mins of Rd2

This was a good back-and-forth fight for as long as it lasted. In the first round Carmont had to survived a couple of relatively tight looking guillotine attempts from Vemola, but he had his moments in the round too. Then, early in the second round he turned things up a notch, landing a front kick to his opponent’s face, but Vemola took the shot well. Soon after Carmont was fishing for a kimura as he dropped down to the canvas, and used it to put Vemola in the cruficix position. He then snatched Vemola’s neck in a rear-naked choke and forced Vemola to submit.

T.J. Dillashaw defeats Vaughan Lee by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2.33mins of Rd1

Lee started brightly on the feet, backing up Dillashaw with a rapid-fire combination of punches. Before long Dillashaw began looking to utilize his grappling, and managed to do so when he caught a kick from Lee and dumped him to the mat. They were quickly back upright, but not for long with Dillashaw producing another takedown, and then seizing Lee’s back as he scrambled back to his feet. Continuing to cling on to his back Dillashaw began looking to sink his arm underneath Lee’s chin to apply the rear-naked choke. He never succeeded in quite getting it fully under, but he applied enough pressure that his opponent was eventually forced to tap.

Rafael Dos Anjos defeats Anthony Njokuani by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Dos Anjos dominated this encounter from start to finish. Surprisingly he was able to more than match Njokuani on the feet with an uptempo display of striking, and he even dropped him briefly in the first round with a straight left. As the fight progressed he began to look for takedowns, but Njokuani proved tricky to get down and indeed to keep down. Persistence paid of for Dos Anjos though as he eventually managed to do just that several times, though he was never able to work himself into a position to finish the fight.


Alex Caceres defeats Damacio Page by submission (triangle choke) at 1.27mins of Rd2

Page had plenty of warning about Caceres submission prowess in the first round as he had to escape numerous triangle choke attempts despite being on top for the majority of the round. He was able to land some ground and pound strikes, but he was nearly finished in the closing minute of the round as Page caught him in the triangle choke, and then switched to an armbar. Page managed to get himself out of trouble on that occasion, but it was a big warning sign for him. Apparently that didn’t put him off though as he took Caceres down to the mat with a big slam early in the second. It proved to be a poor decision as Caceres again looked for the triangle choke and this time he had it in tight and Page was forced to tap.

Chris Cariaso defeats Josh Ferguson by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

This was a fun fight between two game flyweights. Both men had their moments in the fight on the feet and with takedowns. Overall though Cariaso was getting the better of it with more strikes landing, some slick trip takedowns and excellent takedown defense. Ferguson showed he’s got a durable chin though and he never stopped pressing forward. That almost paid off in the closing stages of the fight as he dropped down to the mat looking for a kimura attempt on Cariaso, before suddenly switching to his back. Cariaso was able to stand with his opponent still clung to his back and the final minute concluded with him successfully fighting off Ferguson’s attempt to get the rear-naked choke.

Andrew Craig defeats Rafael Natal by KO at 4.52mins of Rd2

The first round of this fight wasn’t anything to write home about, but the second certainly was. It was Natal who started that round strongly as he rocked Craig with a flurry of punches. Craig tried to circle away, but his legs didn’t want to oblige and he awkwardly staggered around the Octagon for a few seconds before briefly falling down. Natal was continuing to come on strong, but Craig was able to get some respite by managing to grab ahold of Natal’s back and press him up against the cage. Natal managed to turn around though and they hit the mat shortly afterwards with Craig on the bottom. They jockey for position and eventually Craig ends up on top, but after Natal threatened to go for a knee bar he stood up and backed away. Craig had done well to survive and regain his bearing and he was rewarded for his bravery soon afterwards when he landed a right kick to Natal’s head, with his foot landing just behind his ear. It dropped the Brazilian like a sack of potatoes and the couple of punches on the ground from Craig to follow-up weren’t even required as Natal was already out. Great come-from-behind win for Craig with only 8 seconds of the round remaining.

Marcelo Guimaraes defeats Dan Stittgen by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Honestly, this wasn’t a great fight by any stretch of the imagination. It took a while to warm up, and even then it was fairly tepid stuff. The only real notable point came in the final minutes of the third round as Guimaraes pressed Stittgen up against the cage and then began to yell at the top of his lungs with every blow he landed. The power in his pitter-patter punches didn’t merit all the noise he was making, but in an otherwise dull fight it must have caught the judges attention because he ended up with the split decision win.

Rapahel Assuncao defeats Issei Tamura at 0.25mins of Rd2

Assuncao finished this one early in the second after first dropping the incoming Tamura with a clean left hook. Tamura rose only to be met with a flurry of left and right hooks. He was clearly still shaken from the initial blow and his legs buckled again before he finally slumped to the mat and the fight was brought to an end.