The best gym and gear bags where you can carry all your essential BJJ, MMA and Muay Thai training gear.

When it comes to BJJ and MMA training, there are a lot of gears and devices that you may need. Regardless of where you practice, you may need various BJJ/MMA gear such as a Ji-Jitsu Gi, rash guards, training equipment, etc. Carrying all of these items separately can be difficult, which is why you need to carry a specific BJJ/MMA gear bags.

Some people don’t get specific gear bags and simply use and regular bag for this purpose. However, that can be a mistake because regular bags may not be equipped to deal with BJJ/MMA gear like BJJ gis, MMA training gloves, rash guards, and MMA shorts. As such, they’re likely to get ruined fast. That’s why you need a dedicated BJJ/MMA gear bag where you can carry all your gym essentials without any issues.

BJJ/MMA gear bags are usually more breathable and support greater ventilation, which keeps them fresh. They also usually come with moisture-wicking capacities to prevent the bags from getting soaked. And most such gear bags come with several compartments for different items.

In this article, we give you an overview of some of the best BJJ/MMA gear bags. This will allow you to find the best gear bags for your specific needs.

Best BJJ, MMA & Muay Thai Gym Bags

1. Elite Sports Warrior Bag

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Elite Sports Warrior Bag

Elite Sports Warrior Bag is an extremely popular BJJ/MMA gear bag that’s used by professionals for boxing, MMA, BJJ, and other such combat sports. This gear bag is large enough that it can hold all of your gear such as gloves, kimono/gi, mouth guards, extra clothes, water bottles, and other accessories. This gear bag also comes with a waterproof pocket in which you can hold your water bottle and you also get a special compartment just for your shoes. As such, this BJJ/MMA gear bag is very well accommodated with compartments for specific items.

When it comes to gear bags or gym bags, ventilation is key. Without proper ventilation, all the sweat and odor will get trapped inside the bag and eventually cause it to stink massively or even develop molds and fungus. This gear bag has a mesh compartment and it’s very well ventilated in general. The mesh compartment also comes with a waterproof lining so you can store all your sweaty or wet clothes. This bag is also extremely easy to wash completely so you can clean it out whenever necessary.

This BJJ/MMA gear bag is made of heavy-duty Cordura that’s high-grade ballistic 1200 Denier. This is one of the most durable materials for bags and it’s also used in military gear, so you know that it’s extremely durable and resistant. You won’t need to replace or even repair this bag any time soon because it’s completely resistant to tears. This BJJ/MMA gear bag comes with a retractable shoulder strap that transforms it into a bag you can use regularly with ease. You can also take the shoulder straps off and use it as carry-on luggage.

In terms of measurements, this BJJ/MMA gear bag comes in two sizes. The medium size is 12” wide, 22” long, and 10.5” high. The large size is 12” wide, 23.5” long, and 10.5” high. It’s available in six colors — Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, Red, and White.

2. Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag

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Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag

Venum is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to producing high-quality and durable martial arts and combat sports gear. They produce some of the best BJJ mouthguards, gi, and other such gear out there. Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag is one of the best BJJ/MMA gear bags out there, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

This gear bag has been designed with inbuilt bands of mesh fabric that can enhance the breathability. It also includes qualities that prevent microbes from getting in, which allows it to remain fresh and prevents bacterial growth.

In terms of construction, this BJJ/MMA gear bag includes one large pocket that can hold large items like boxing gloves and shin guards and side pockets that can hold smaller items. It also includes mesh panels where you can store wet or dirty gear — the mesh ensures ventilation so the stink and grime don’t get trapped inside.

This gear bag also comes with adjustable and padded shoulder straps. This ensures that anyone can wear this bag, regardless of their size. The padded shoulder straps also ensures that you can wear them comfortably without the straps digging into your shoulders or hurting you. In terms of dimensions, this gear bag measures 680 x 330 x 260mm. It’s available in five colors — Black/Gold, Black/Neo Yellow, Grey/Grey, Khaki/Black, and Navy Blue/White.

3. Elite Sports Gym Bag

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Elite Sports Gym Bag

Elite Sports Gym Bag is an extremely large and premium-quality gear bag that can accommodate all of your fighting gear such as your Gi, change of clothes, boxing gloves, and other equipment.

The best aspect of this gear bag is its focus on mesh compartments and ventilation. This is one of the most important factors to consider when you’re getting a BJJ/MMA gear bag because your bag will start stinking and develop fungus if it doesn’t have adequate ventilation — especially since these bags generally hold sweaty or dirty equipment. This gear bag includes mesh walls on all the primary compartments so that your gear can dry easily and there’s no suffocation. This also prevents bad odors from clinging to your bad and bacteria from accumulating in your gear.

This gear bag has been made of military-grade materials such as the high-grade ballistic 1200 Denier heavy-duty Cordura. Even the zippers are heavy-duty and the stitching is double-reinforced. All of these factors ensure that your gear bag is completely durable and strong. You can rest assured that this gear bag won’t tear or need to be replaced any time soon, even if you use it constantly and heavily.

Most gear bags only come with one shoulder strap. That’s suitable for most people, but that places undue stress on one shoulder, especially if your bag is heavy. However, this gear bag has backpack-like straps, which makes it versatile and you can carry it however you like. This gear bag is also extremely good on storage space and compartments. You have several different areas to store different types of items. The only thing that’s truly missing is a dedicated compartment for dirty shoes.

In terms of measurements, Elite Sports Gym Bag is available in medium and large sizes. The medium bag is 20” x 10.5” x 10” and the large bag is 20” x 11” x 11”. It’s available in three colors — black, gray, and pink.

4. OGIO Endurance Duffle Bag

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OGIO Endurance Duffle Bag

OGIO Endurance Duffle Bag is an extremely strong and durable BJJ/MMA gear bag, but it’s also one of the most expensive ones, which is why it features so low in this list. This gear bag is perfect for all kinds of combat sports and outdoor sports as well. It can hold the largest of items without tearing.

This gear bag comes with adjustable backpack-style shoulder straps. As such, you can sling it across your body by one shoulder, you can carry it on your arms, or you can wear it as a backpack — you have plenty of options. The straps are also adjustable as you deem fit.

People are often concerned about storing their breakables and delicate items like watches and glasses in their gear bags. However, this gear bag comes with a crush-resistant Tech Vault where you can store all of your delicates and rest assured that they’ll remain completely safe.

This gear bag also features a ventilated mesh compartment where you can store your dirty and sweaty clothes along with your dirty shoes. The major issue is that this bag doesn’t feature a separate pocket for your shoes and dirty clothes, so you may have to pack them together. It has both wet and dry pockets with a 360 ventilation gusset.

This gear bag has been constructed with an extremely reflective 3M-Tech fabric. This ensures optimal visibility even in complete darkness and low light. The bag gives off a distinct glimmer based on which you can recognize it. In terms of size and capacity, you have two options. You can get the Endurance 7.0 which has a capacity of 36.8 liters or you can get the Endurance 9.0 which has a capacity of 58.3 liters. All things considered, if you’re willing to shell out the money, this is one of the best BJJ/MMA gear bags out there.

5. Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack

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Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack is a backpack-style gear bag that’s meant specifically for Jiu-Jitsu and other forms of combat sports. There are a lot of gear bags out there that can be used for all sports or gymming, but this one has been made with specifics in mind, which makes it perfect for BJJ/MMA practitioners.

This gear bag comes equipped with a very large waterproof compartment in which you can store your dirty kimono. You can keep all of your dirty and clean equipment separate. This will prevent your clean and dry equipment from getting stinky. This gear bag also comes with a specific belt pouch in which you can keep your belt, which should be kept perfectly clean since it’s a sacred part of your practice.

This gear bag has also been made with some of the most premium material and construction possible. This gear bag is made of high-grade nylon that ensures that it will endure all kinds of abuse. It also has a moisture-wicking quality that prevents it from getting soaked. The stitching is double reinforced so it doesn’t come apart at the seams, which again ensures durability. Zippers are often a pain point in most bags, especially those that are used frequently and carry a heavy load. However, this gear bag comes with top-of-the-line zippers that can handle massive abuse without coming apart.

This gear bag is especially awesome when it comes to compartmentalization. it has a velvet-lined pocket for all of your delicate and small items. It has two water bottle pockets that are waterproof. There’s a dedicated belt pouch for your most prized possession. And there are separate compartments for dry and wet items. Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack is available in two colors — Black and Grey.

6. Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag

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Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag

Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag is a well-equipped BJJ/MMA gear bag that has a wide range of compartments and is stylishly designed in a camouflage pattern. This gear bag is available in several colors and styles — black, grey, purple camo, and red camo. In terms of compartments, this gear bag includes a waterproof nylon compartment for water bottles and other items that can leak, a wet-cloth compartment that is ventilated and has mesh walls, a separate shoe compartment, and even an earplug slot.

In terms of construction, this gear bag has heavy-duty lockable zippers and it’s made of an extremely tough and durable rip-stop nylon mesh material. The quality is highly durable and it can also withstand continued exposure to water and rain. In terms of dimensions, this gear bag weighs 4 pounds and measures 14” in width, 24” in length, and 12” in height.

All things considered, Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag is perfect for all practitioners of BJJ and MMA. It can accommodate head guards, shin pads, boxing gloves, and a lot more with ease. Furthermore, there’s plenty of compartments so you can keep different equipment separate from each other.

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