After Neck Surgery Chris Weidman Calls Out Michael Bisping For UFC 205

Former middleweight champion Chris Weidman successful underwent neck surgery on Wednesday and then almost immediatelly called out the new title holder Michael Bisping.

“Hey @mikebisping was it a lil easier sayin my name before the opportunity of fighting me came?” Weidman asked on Instagram. “I don’t hear you now. I’m sorted out, bum. Let’s see you try to shut me up Nov 12th on the biggest stage in the world. The fairytale is over soon, believe you me. #alltalk #scared #destiny #ufc205 #MSG.”

The 31 year-old is referring to comments made by Bisping prior to his shock title win in which he told the media at a pre-fight gathering that if he wont the belt he’d gladly accept Weidman as his first title defense.

However, it seems that Bisping has since had a change of heart, and quickly dismissed Weidman’s title aspirations for the time being.

“UFC bum? your coming off a loss to the guy I just Knocked out cold. Fight rockhold, win and we’ll see. I call the shots. #facts,” Bisping replied.

speaking to ESPN during a Q&A yesterday, Bisping also appeared to push Rockhold to the back of the queue as well.

“As of right now, Luke Rockhold will not be my first defense,” Bisping stated. “That’s a fact. I had to go away and beat three more guys before I got a second shot at Luke. Certainly, after his behavior on Saturday, he should have to go away and do the same.”

However, it does appear that Bisping has someone in mind that he would like to fight, though he wouldn’t be drawn on who it is at this stage.

“Unfortunately, I’m not going to give you a name,” Bisping told ESPN. “There is someone I’ve got my eye on, but ultimately it’s down to the UFC. I do get a say since I’m the champion, so that’s nice. But I’ve never turned down an opponent and I certainly don’t intend to start as a champion. We’ll see what happens. There’s plenty of viable contenders.”

Bisping appeared to be open to the idea of fighting current No.3 contender Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza at UFC 199’s post-fight press conference, so that’s one possibility to consider, though it’s unlikely that ‘The Count’ will be in any rush to return to the Octagon after finally achieving his dream of winning the belt.

As for Weidman, it remains to be seen whether he’ll be recovered from his neck surgery in time to fight at UFC 205, but if that is the case and Bisping is out of the question, then perhaps a rematch with Rockhold could be on the cards to establish a definitive No.1 contender.