Debuting Nicholas Musoke Verbally Submits Alessio Sakara At UFC Fight Night 30

Nicholas Musoke came into his debut at UFC Fight Night 30 gainst Alessio Sakara on short notice, and after surviving an early scare he went on to produce an upset win by submission.

First Round:

Musoke fires off a few punches to start off the fight, but Sakara returns the favor and Sakara gets rocked.  Sakara takes the fight to the deck and tries to work some ground and pound.

He thinks better of staying on the ground and backs away which allows Musoke to get back to his feet.

Despite being hurt Musoke still seems happy to trade and now it’s Sakara who’s wobbled as Musoke finds a home for some strikes of his own.

Both men wing punches at each other and each connects.  Sakara’s not got his bearings fully again so he’s throwing caution to the wind here by slugging it out.

Musoke lands a takedown which gives Sakara a little time to recover.  The Italian looks for a submission from the bottom, but there’s nothing doing.

Sakara does power up and out though, ending up on top of his opponent.

Just as Sakara looks to unleash some punches from inside his opponent’s guard, Musoke throws up an armbar attempt from the bottom and then goes belly down with it and he gets it – Sakara’s verbally submitted with 3.07mins on the clock!


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