Amanda Nunes Issues Public Apology To Ronda Rousey

UFC woman’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes has issued a public apology to Ronda Rousey for comments she made following their fight at UFC 207 in December.

While hadn’t done anything particularly aggregious, she did receive some criticism for the way she handled herself after her TKO victory over Rousey, telling the media that the superstar was overrated and should retire and urging fans to forget about ‘Rowdy’, while also making fun of her on social media.

A month later after having had time to reflect on it, Nunes has decided that an apology is in order.

“Let me take a moment to explain myself,” Nunes wrote on Instagram. “I was overwhelmed with adrenaline, emotion and hurt at the time. I held so much in during the weeks prior to my fight with Ronda. I might have said or posted some things at the time that I now realize was not the right thing to do,” Nunes wrote on Instagram.

“I want to apologize to Ronda. Her fans and mine and the UFC as well. Ronda is an amazing athlete and has done so much for this sport, especially for the women.”

In some ways Nunes post-fight antics were understandable as she was the champion heading into the fight, yet she’d received barely any kind of a promotional push from the UFC or media attention.

On the other hand, the whole world was watching as Nunes defeated Rousey and the immediate aftermath was her time to shine and show off her personality, yet her less than humble attitude seemed to turn some of those potential fans against her.

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