Anderson Silva only has two fights left on his current contract, and despite now being 37 years-old it appears the Brazilian superstar is eager to continue fighting in the Octagon for the foreseeable future.

Silva was in Las Vegas last week where he was given a brand new Bentley Continental GT worth $174,000 by Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta as a thank-you for helping to save the UFC 153 event in October by accepting a late-notice fight with Stephan Bonnar.

He wasn’t in town just to receive this gift though, with White revealing after ‘UFC On FOX 5’ on Saturday night that they were in talks about a new fight deal, and by the sounds of things their conversation went even better than expected.

“F**k that, I want a 10-fight deal,” White claims was Silva’s response when they initially suggested a new 8-fight contract.

Recently White also told reporters that despite Silva being coy about the idea of fighting 205lb champion Jon Jones, he’s actually singing a different tune behind the scenes.

“Anderson Silva is a guy that likes to challenge himself, and I think he likes to f*ck with you guys, to be honest with you,” White said last week. “I’ll read something, and I’ll be like, ‘What the f*ck? He said that?’ I think he just plays with you guys because the conversations we have behind the scenes are completely different then what’s said publicly. And when has Anderson Silva never stepped up to the plate and done what we’ve asked him or needed him to do?”

Still, talk is cheap and we’ll have to wait and see whether the UFC can make dream fights with the likes of GSP and Jon Jones a reality, but one way or another it looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Silva in the Octagon in the coming years, and that’s a very good thing indeed.