Another explosive finish here at UFC Fight Night 68 as Anthony Birchak sends Joe Soto face first to the canvas in the opening round with strikes.

Round One:

Both fighters throwing fakes to start as they feel each other out. Birchak lands a couple of leg kicks. Punch connects now.

Soto misses with a leg kick, but Birchak lands another one of his own. Birchak presses forward and lands with a short flurry. He tries that again, but this time Soto lands an overhand counter.

Suddenly Soto gets dropped by a right hand in close. Birchak follows him down, but Soto has at least partially regained his senses and throws his legs up thinking about a possible submission attempt.

They go back upright, but Birchak isn’t letting Soto off the hook and starts unleashing a barrage of left and right hands together with some elbows as Soto covers up against the cage. Soto is hurt here and one final punch sends him face down to the mat unconscious with 1.37mins on the clock. Big win for Birchak!