Anthony Smith TKO’s Hector Lombard In Third Round At UFC Fight Night 116

Anthony Smith lost the first two rounds of his fight with Hector Lombard tonight at UFC Fight Night 116, but he came out for the third with a fire in his belly and took the fight to the veteran, leading to a TKO finish.

Round One:

Smith with a left hand and then a head kick that lands, but Lombard eats it. Kick to the body from Smith and Lombard catches it and clubs him with a punch, but isn’t able to knock him off-balance enough to get him to the mat.

Hook to the body from Lombard and more punches behind it as Smith sinks to his knees. He stays their partially turtled up, but keeps Lombard at bay enough to stand back up.

Low kick from Smith and a body kick from Lombard in return. Left hand fired out from Lombard, then a couple of leg kicks.

Another couple of outside leg kicks from Lombard. Now one to the body. Front kick from Smith. Winging left hand from Lombard. Smith tries to return fire, but it’s Lombard who is more aggressive with another combination.

Lombard with kicks to both of Smith’s legs. Another couple land to the lead leg. Punches fly too now and then more chopping leg kicks as he keeps pushing the pace in this first round until the final bell.

Round two:

Smith feeling out with the jab, but it’s Lombard who lands with a leg kick. Again to Smith’s increasingly red lead leg. FLying knee from Smith that only just misses.

Leg kick from lombard and then a combination of lefts and rights that Smith covers up from. Lombard witht a hook and then the kick.

More leg kicks and then Lombard spins around and gets the back body lock. Knees landing to the back of Smith’s legs now. Smith spins to get Lombard in front of him and then starts to unload a few punches.

Straight right lands for Smith and that stumbles Lombard, though he quickly moves into a takedown attempt as the round comes to a close.

Smith is fired up now and yells repeatedly at Lombard, “Do you know my name yet?” – clearly unhappy at Lombard’s lack of recognition for his skills pre-fight.

Round Three:

Both men exchanging at close range to start the third round and Smith lands a nice knee and kicks too, but Lombard still looks threatening too.

Smith lands again with a couple of punches. A clipping right hook connects. Lombard with a head kick attempt. Jab for Smith. Now a front kick to the body.

Smith with a tired looking head kick attempt that could be seen a mile away. Lombard moving forward and lands a leg kick. Now a left hand for him that’s blocked.

Right hand for Smith and then a further one behind it that finds the chin and floors Lombard. Smith with a couple of ground and pound punches as Lombard struggles to right himself on his hands and knees, and that’s it, the ref waves off the fight, handing Smith a major TKO victory.

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