Ashley Yoder Beats Miranda Granger By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 183

Ashley Yoder outgrappled Miranda Granger tonight at UFC Fight Night 183 to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Inside leg kick for Granger. Now an outside leg kick for Yoder. She presses into a straight left and then straight into the clinch afterwards.

Against the cage Yoder is looking for a takedown, while Granger throws a knee upstairs. Granger manages to reverse the clinch. Yoder attempts a trip that doesn’t pay off and acrobatically tries to take the back, but doesn’t manage to, so they go back to striking range.

Granger with a calf kick and then a punch. However, Yoder successfully executes a head and arm throw. It’s not a secure position though and soon after Granger ends up on top. Yoder working for a kneebar, but Granger stays calm and gets out of any danger.

Granger now settling on top and landing a few body punches. Yoder puts her back in full guard. She tries to sit up and get out, but nothing doing.

Hammerfist lands for Granger. Yoder works a triangle choke and seems to have it, then also goes for the armbar at the same time. Granger survives that, but they end up in an awkward stalemate position in the remaining seconds of the round.

Round two:

Push kick for Yoder. Now an outside leg kick. Another kick lands to the leg. Granger presses forward with straight punches and they end up in the clinch. Granger ties up an arm of Yoder and tries for knees. Yoder gets her arm free and presses Granger into the cage.

Granger with a knee to the body. They jockey for position against the cage. Granger has the advantage for now and lands a knee again to the midsection. Yoder reverses and then Granger returns the favor. A knee and shoulder strike from Granger.

Trip attempt from Yoder, but it fails as Granger almost takes her back. It’s another awkward position though and both ladies are trying to secure an advantageous position. Yoder close to getting on top and finally does manage to do so.

Yoder in half-guard and landing a few light punches to the bod. The ref is urging her to work more. Granger trying to get a kimura here. More punches to the midsection from Yoder as she simultaneously looks to defend the kimura attempt.

Yoder gets her arm free. Just not much action from Yoder on the mat though other than a few body punches. Final 10 seconds and Yoder continues to play it safe with body shots.

Round Three:

Push kicks for Yoder. Granger trying to let her hands go. She lands a rangey punch. Leg kicks exchanged. Granger looking to let her hands go, but Yoder gets into the clinch and quickly lands a takedown.

Yoder into side control straight away. Granger trying to cage walk out of this, but easier said than done.

Yoder with a knee to the body. Granger just hanging on and hoping for a stand-up. She might get it if Yoder doesn’t stay busier than she did in the second round.

Granger again trying to cage walk and Yoder is into the mount and thinking about a potential armbar. Now Granger is almost giving up her back.

Yoder doesn’t get the back, but does settle into full mount and land some punches, which makes Granger give up her back again. Yoder gets the body triangle in and lands a few softening punches to the head as she looks to set up a rear-naked choke attempt.

Granger starting to run out of ideas and Yoder begins to up her striking output, landing repeated blows to the head. We’re close to the end of the round now and a finish is still a possibility. Yoder gives up on striking and tries to seize on the rear-naked choke instead. She gets under the chin, but Granger is saved by the final bell.


Yoder certainly did enough to win here, though only really stepped things up in the final round and came close to a late finish. Instead she’ll have to settle for a unanimous decision victory (29-26)

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