Bellator: Fight Master Episode 2 – TV Ratings

The second episode of Fight Master drew an average of 545,000 viewers this past Wednesday night on Spike TV.

That’s a rise of 115,000 viewers over the season premiere last week which no doubt come as something of a relief for the promotion given that often ratings generally fall after the opening week.

That being said, even this improved rating falls well short of what was expected of the reality show which is seen as Bellator’s answer to The Ultimate Fighter which regularly used to draw 1.5+ million viewers on Spike TV just a few years ago.

It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.  If it can continue to rise again next week as the word spreads about the show then that would be a good sign, but if it levels out or drops then that would be a real indication that the show is going to end up being a major dissapointment on the ratings front.


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